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{April 6, 2009}   Drumroll, please!

This morning, since 0630AM, I have gotten ready, taken my husband to work across town,  driven home, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, done 2 loads of laundry with more to come shortly, swept entire house, mopped entire house, and dusted entire house.  HAH!  I can do housework, I just hate it.  I can do it good, too.  It is now 1030AM.  I shall now wait for applause………(cricket…cricket…)  No matter, I’ll applaud myself!  Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!  (Would dance, but too tired and sore from yesterday’s activities.  And not the good kind.)  I’ve been a very busy girl the past 1.25 days.  Will shortly be taking YCU to his follow-up appt for his foot.  Hope it’s good news. Pray it’s good news.  He needs to go back to work. Soon.  He’s been driving me crazy.  “Get in that lane!  Go, go, go!  Pull out!  Dammit, now we’re stuck behind that light for the 3rd time!  Can’t you speed up?  Don’t you see the other cars whizzing by you?”  (To which I answer: “If they all want to get tickets, they can speed.  I’ve set the cruise control at the speed limit, and am thereby avoiding unnecessary expenditure.  If you would like to drive, take off the boot that is keeping your poor, pitiful, broken, painful, foot in alignment, and have at it.”)  Then there’s the constant need for attention that is male.  Can’t even get time to shave my legs because he screams if his shower changes its temperature 1 degree, and we are blessed with a perfectly functioning 30 gallon water heater that my husband refuses to replace on principle.  Or shall I mention the constant noise that is Guitar Hero or some loud, shoot ’em up, blow things up, everybody is killing everybody with guns bigger than the Chrysler Building instructional videos, because, you know, just in case we’re ever attacked by terrorists and the fate of the free world rests on him, he’ll know what to do.  *sighs*  My new flower bed looks pretty, though.  Will give him credit for that.

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