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{April 7, 2009}   Protected: Good news.

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{April 7, 2009}   I’m frustrated.

Men.  They are inconsiderate, illogical, unsatisfied jackasses in search of the perfect, most self-satisfying(with no consideration to you , I might add.  God forbid you get any enjoyment out of it.) lay.  AAAARRRRRGH!!!  I’m so sick of this type of behavior.  I’m also sick of the “bartering system” they use.  You know “I’ll do this, but unbeknownst to you, I expect some sort of sexual favor and just assume I’m going to get it, because, of course, I’m being a good boy for once.”  It’s soooo irritating.  I hope he reads this.  I’m tempted to leave it up on the screen just so that happens.  My only expectations are “Ok, I expect you’ll help me with this because you love me, and also want to get this done.  Oh, and with no ulterior motives, of course.  If you approach me with no ulterior motives, and just help me because I need it, or because we’re working toward a common goal, you might get it more often!”  Why is that so hard for them to understand?  All I want is some understanding, consideration, and respect.  Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?

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