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{April 12, 2009}   Happy Easter

Going to my grandmama’s later.  Hopefully window shopping for furniture later.  Can’t remember if the mall is closed on Easter or not.  Seems like it used to close, but maybe now it doesn’t?  If the mall isn’t closed, the furniture stores won’t be either, cause they need money like everybody else, I guess.  Oh, yeah, didn’t I tell you?  Our love seat collapsed this week.  We’ve needed new furniture for awhile, but now it’s moved to the top of the list.  This oughtta be interesting.  We have completely different tastes on everything else, why should this be any different?

Update:  No furniture stores open, causing hubby to bitch all day about why did places have to close on holidays.  It’s just another day…Anyway.  Plan to go tomorrow after he gets off work.  I want to know what they’re going to do with the old stuff, though.  How are we gonna move it out of here?  It’s huge and heavy.  I’ll let them figure that out.  Went to grandparents house and played with my nephew.  He’s got rolls in his rolls, he’s so fat.  Chunky monkey, for sure.

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