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{April 14, 2009}   So we got new furniture.

After the love seat fiasco, we realized that we had to go shopping for furniture.  So, we went shopping last night, and picked out a whole new living room.  We financed our new furniture, which completely goes against everything I believe in, but we intend to pay it off soon.  I asked if they’d typed in all the numbers right when they told us how much they gave us!  It’s coming Friday.  Ok, so you know what a big Harry Potter nerd I am?  Yeah, well my ring-tone on my phone is “Hedwig’s Theme.”  It went off in the store, and thrilled the poor salesman to no end.  He then started asking me what Professor Sprout’s and Flitwick’s first names were!  To which I answered correctly “Pomona, and Filius, respectively!”

We got leather furniture which should last us forever.  I’m excited.  It’ll be here Friday!  Oh, and some of the unclean y-chromosomal units in my husband’s realm came after the old furniture today.  Our old stuff has officially been deemed classy enough for a bachelor hovel pad!  I’m now sitting in an armchair, with my feet propped on a desk chair.  We look like “we been ROBBED!”  I’m already uncomfortable.   The new couch canNOT get here fast enough.

Jo says:

Yay on the furniture! I’m re-reading the Potter series (started over Spring Break) just for fun. . .and even in the midst of Book 4, I don’t think I would have gotten those answers right!

I bow to your superiority.


Nina says:

I am Yoda of all things HP/Dorothy/Showtunes. Nerd alert!! Nerd alert!!

u gotta be kidding me right now with that harry potter ringtone

Nina says:

Nope. Not kidding even one little bit. It could be worse. I was gonna have “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” from “My Fair Lady.”

Nina says:

*Singing loudly at the top of her lungs* “All I want is a room, somewhere, Far away from the cold night air…..”

battycatlady says:

Oh dear GOD. Run for your lives, Nina’s singing. 🙂

You has a furniture. (Or will, anyway)

I, too, bow to your superior nerdness. I probably could have gotten Filius, but I always mix up Prof. Sprout and Madam Pomfrey. It makes sense for the Herbology teacher to be called Poppy, doesn’t it?? Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, the new movie comes out this summer-or-fall. We must gather up a field trip.

Nina says:

Summer. July 15, to be exact.

Val says:

Ha! my son has reset my ringtone to Weird Al Yankovic’s version of “Smells Like Nirvana”; makes me laugh every time I hear it!

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