Ninapintasantamaria's Blog

{April 18, 2009}   *sighs*

I’m falling victim to the monthly anger/bitterfest.  Not only am I not pregnant, I am not dealing well with taking crap from anyone.  I’m really bad at taking shit from people on a regular basis, but this borders on scary.  I take shit all day long at work, then when I come home, my husband thinks it’s funny to bait me and give me stupid answers instead of straight ones.  I don’t have time for that shit!  It absolutely sends me into orbit.  Oh, and there’s people in my house all the time.  I hate people being in my house all the time.  I want to come home and veg out, and relax, and I can’t because I can’t watch what I want on tv, or talk to my husband about whatever, because I don’t want all his unclean, un-housebroken friends to know all our business.  Apparently, he doesn’t care if they know it, cause he was baiting me today because he thought I wouldn’t make a scene with them there.  I did.  And I didn’t care.  If he’s gonna have these people in the house all the time, I’m not gonna hold it in anymore.  I hate the way he’s laid out the new furniture, it looks stupid, there’s no flow to the room, and he insists that all the chairs be facing the tv.  Well, that’s fine, except to do that, you have to have the furniture at funny angles, and walk around everything.  He’s dug his stubborn-ass heels in and won’t listen to me that the way we had the furniture laid out before was the only way to set it up in this room and make it look nice.  He then had this bright idea to block off the front door and hang a curtain over it.  WTF? Who does that?  It’s one thing if you have french doors or something on the back of the house and you have other exits, but the front door?  Not to mention how tacky it looks when a door is blocked by furniture.  It’d look like the damn trailer park!  I want the room to look nice, fuck the tv!  If people come over and everyone wants to watch tv, we can move the chair then!  But otherwise, leave it where it was!  His friends all live in their parents’ basements, or have bachelor pad with one tiny tv their parents gave them when they moved out, and an electrical wire spool for a coffee table, so they all like to come to our house cause it’s clean, we have beer, a big tv, and there’s always toilet paper on the roll.  I hate that.  BYOB, dammit, and my house is not the local hangout.  They have bars for that.  Oh yeah.  The Ute is being ornery again.  Crimson sunsets are scarce, it seems.  I’m so burnt out.  I can’t wait for vacation.  I plan to drink strawberry Bacardis and ignore my husband.


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