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{April 20, 2009}   I’d like it noted…

I just raked a bunch of leaves off the fencerow in my yard, cleaned them out from behind the new trellises, and planted  climbing roses and  lilac bushes, all by myself!  I sound like I’m 2, don’t I.  Look Mommy!  All by myself!  *sighs*  I’d been waiting on my husband to have some free time to help me, but HAH!  I didn’t need his stinky old help anyways!  And the creepy old neighbor that I think is experiencing Alzheimer’s came over and offered to help me move the logs from in front of my fence.  That was the strangest thing.  Whatever.  I never expected to talk to him again after my husband told him not to ever approach me again.  He was standing on my rock wall, holding a shovel, Jason-style, screaming at me for God’s sake!  What else is a husband for, if not to take care of creepy old neighbors with no manners?  Honestly, I’m surprised he ever even thought about talking to me again.  Like I said, though, he may not remember the incident.  Course, he may not remember telling me I could borrow his lawn mower trailer, either.  I think I’ll just wait for the landscape crew to get the logs out of the way.  It felt good just to get out and do something in the yard.  I like being in the sun, and I like growing things.  I’ve been talking to my husband about backing off at work some, after we get some things paid off.  I talked to my supervisors today, and told them I’d like to be considered for the prn position that’s coming available soon.  I think that with everything else going on, I really need to de-stress and try to calm down for awhile.  I got on-line this morning and looked up irregular periods, spotting and late.  Stress, (yeah, I don’t have any of that) weight loss, (hmm…let’s see, is 30 pounds in 6 months considered extreme?), no exercise, (dirty word) pcos (half the family has it, but they’re overweight, insulin resistant, and fuzzy in places they shouldn’t be; in other words classic cases), and shitty diet (are pasta and sour gummy worms a food group?) can all cause irregular periods, spotting, and lateness.  Pregnancy can, too, of course, but we’re not discussing that, thank you very much.  Why me?  *sighs*  This isn’t the first, nor will it likely be the last, time I’ve baffled medical science.  Nothing about me is normal.  What did I expect?


Lorza says:

I am totally there with the weight loss/stress and diet thing. Only my thing is redhots. 🙂 It is really quite ridiculous if you ask me. I mean why do all the GREAT tasting foods so bad for you? I mean really- it is just stupid. You can’t tell me broccli or lettuce or even green beans taste as good as an asiago bagle with cream cheese, or cheesy mashed potatoes with cracked black pepper. YUMMMMYYYY!!!!


battycatlady says:

Yay for doing yard work and planting stuff! I mowed my grass over the weekend… now it’s time to take the weedwhacker for a spin. Yippee.

And no. Normal is definitely not a good word to describe any of our family. 🙂

dragondreamermom says:

Want to come help me with my yard? It needs serious work and I don’t have any creepy neighbors to bother us?


Nina says:

I’d love to. I like getting dirty and playing hard. Exercise is a dirty word. I like lots of pretty, good smelly stuff. Cool with you?

CityGirl says:

I hear ya, sister. Nothing – NOTHING – on my body works properly. Went to the doc today b/c my lungs are crap and my sinuses are worse – besides the everyday plumbing issues!

The lilac bushes you planted will reward your hard work for years and years and year. They are my favorite flower and I planted four bushes (all by myself!) around our house five or six years ago. They’re now 7 feet tall and bloom PROFUSELY!

Nina says:

And here I thought I was the only woman on earth to use “profusely” in a sentence. I knew you were a girl after my own heart! Come to Nashville, I know a whole bunch of surgeons that can fix all that stuff. Did I mention I’m an OR nurse? Yeah. I can help you.

Hang in there! Personally, I’m allergic to the word exercise. 🙂

Gina says:

Yay for planting your roses! I just got mine from the mail order, and they need to be planted this weekend.


I don’t think I am normal either girl – I LOVE yard work any type really and my breakfast of choice is a cherry pepsi and a bag of sourcream and cheddar chips 😦

rosesdaughter says:

Wow, I’ve been trying to get around to planting roses for 3 weeks now! I used to work in the OR too, when I took my last break from L&D. It was nice not to have to talk to patients, but I missed it, so I went back. I work at an IVF clinic now( really ironic huh?) and do L&D prn. Because my mouth was getting the best of me. I mean really, what do you say to a whining 19 year old on her third baby when you are miscarrying your first?


I have pcos but not the classic symptoms. I wasn’t dianosed until I went off the pill thinking we would just have a baby. What a concept.


Nina says:

I feel precisely the same way, Rose. Sounds like you and I are tarred with the same brush. I never could figure out what to say either.

ok. so let me get this straight. your hubby told the guy with ALZHEIMERS not to come over and bother you anymore. how long did you guys think that would realistically last? haha

Nina says:

Well, it’s not totally confirmed he has it. He was just screaming at me and at his wife, and threatening to blow my dogs away with his gun, so I just assumed.

Bunny says:

there is nothing like spring and gardening to lift the spirits. i find that my green thumb can sort of help make up for my black thumb when it comes to making babies!

Jill says:

I was considering planting roses this weekend, too! YAY for getting out and getting it done 🙂 Hope you figure out what’s causeing your irregular periods soon! ~ICLW

Jess says:

YAY for getting outside and getting some work done. We have an old-man neighbor, but fortunately he’s not creeping and always is there if I need help (like getting stuck in my driveway).

Good luck with the job change.


c lo says:

I would just like to add that, yes, boys ARE stupid!


Good for you for getting out there and getting it done! I love it when I can do things without my hubby’s help… not that he’s all that handy anyway, but still, it is very gratifying!

Happy ICLW!

You’re not alone! Hang in there.

Good for you! You did a lot of work. I cleaned out gutters for the first time in my 33 years over the weekend. I was proud of myself, but I wouldn’t mind not doing it again for another 33 years ;o) Sorry for the creepy old neighbor…UHG

geohde says:

Duly noted. Nice change of template, also.


CityGirl says:

But…I got no stinkin’ password. :o(

ICLW ::sniffle::

Lorza says:

Abracadabra. Is that the password? 😉

Nina says:

For those who would like passwords, please Contact Me. For those who’ve already requested them, check your e-mail! The subject line is “passwords/This is Nina”

^WiseGuy^ says:

Normal is boring! Hey, How about giving your neighbour lipstick marks on his cheeks every time he comes around? You don’t have to kiss him, just let the lipstick do the talking. If he can’t control coming over, some of his family might prevent it….


Victoria says:

30 pounds in 6 months does sound extreme – how did you do it?

I am new, here from ICLW so I’ll have to go back through the archives to find out the story on the creepy old man. Intriguing!

Shara says:

Alzheimer’s is a tricky situation. He’s probably still aware that he’s forgetting things if he’s able to live on his own. The “good” news is that someday he’ll be placed in a home of some sort, unless he has family members that are in denial.

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