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{April 14, 2009}   So we got new furniture.

After the love seat fiasco, we realized that we had to go shopping for furniture.  So, we went shopping last night, and picked out a whole new living room.  We financed our new furniture, which completely goes against everything I believe in, but we intend to pay it off soon.  I asked if they’d typed in all the numbers right when they told us how much they gave us!  It’s coming Friday.  Ok, so you know what a big Harry Potter nerd I am?  Yeah, well my ring-tone on my phone is “Hedwig’s Theme.”  It went off in the store, and thrilled the poor salesman to no end.  He then started asking me what Professor Sprout’s and Flitwick’s first names were!  To which I answered correctly “Pomona, and Filius, respectively!”

We got leather furniture which should last us forever.  I’m excited.  It’ll be here Friday!  Oh, and some of the unclean y-chromosomal units in my husband’s realm came after the old furniture today.  Our old stuff has officially been deemed classy enough for a bachelor hovel pad!  I’m now sitting in an armchair, with my feet propped on a desk chair.  We look like “we been ROBBED!”  I’m already uncomfortable.   The new couch canNOT get here fast enough.

{April 13, 2009}   Protected: Dumbasses

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{April 12, 2009}   Happy Easter

Going to my grandmama’s later.  Hopefully window shopping for furniture later.  Can’t remember if the mall is closed on Easter or not.  Seems like it used to close, but maybe now it doesn’t?  If the mall isn’t closed, the furniture stores won’t be either, cause they need money like everybody else, I guess.  Oh, yeah, didn’t I tell you?  Our love seat collapsed this week.  We’ve needed new furniture for awhile, but now it’s moved to the top of the list.  This oughtta be interesting.  We have completely different tastes on everything else, why should this be any different?

Update:  No furniture stores open, causing hubby to bitch all day about why did places have to close on holidays.  It’s just another day…Anyway.  Plan to go tomorrow after he gets off work.  I want to know what they’re going to do with the old stuff, though.  How are we gonna move it out of here?  It’s huge and heavy.  I’ll let them figure that out.  Went to grandparents house and played with my nephew.  He’s got rolls in his rolls, he’s so fat.  Chunky monkey, for sure.

{April 11, 2009}   There are no guarantees.

I said this in my last post, applied to a different subject.  I just read about how a beautiful little girl in the blogosphere was born at 29 weeks (human gestation is 40 weeks, she was very, very early) who fought her way through birth, the NICU, and life, only to be taken from her parents by death anyway.  How sad.  How horribly, horribly sad.  I will be thinking of them.  Good people don’t deserve this garbage.

I’m so afraid this will happen to me.  I’ll finally get pregnant, then have it all ripped away again.  I don’t deserve this.

{April 11, 2009}   So.

He told me he no longer cared what I thought or did, as long as I left him alone to do whatever he wanted.  And that he hates what I’ve become in the last year.  He said that I’d gotten to do whatever I wanted, all the time, and now it was his turn.  Great.  I’m hoping that’s grief and depression and boredom talking.  It may not be.  I don’t know.  He told me that since I “made” him cancel the bbq he planned (without asking me what I wanted to do, mind you, and I’d already told him we had plans this weekend) he wasn’t spending any time with me today.  So.  I’m getting nothing accomplished that I’d planned, because all my plans involved him.  (And I always get to do what I want.  WTF?)  I gave up doing what I wanted a long time ago, when I sold my horse, quit going dancing, and couldn’t have a baby.  I’m not exactly sure what he’s talking about when he says I always get what I want.  I’m usually thinking only of him when I make plans, if only because it’s usually questionable if I’ll get to do them or not.  He doesn’t know how to make plans, even 1 day in advance.  I told him last night for the 14th time this week that he needed to get in touch with his friend who was supposed to be house-sitting for us while we went on vacation, but he keeps saying “the guy won’t answer his phone.”  Does he not know where he lives?  Drop by.  Does he not know where he works?  Call there.  Does he not know where he hangs out most of the time?  Go there!  I swear, I think he has no gumption sometimes.  You have to try a little harder than that to get what you want!  Good God!  When I show him my resourceful side, he gets all angry and tells me to leave him alone.  I’m really not sure why, cause if he wants to get things done, he needs to be thinking harder than that!  Why am I always the one who has to handle things?  Why can’t he be an adult and take care of business properly?  I’m hurt right now.

Update:  I just had to call the friend for him, and he answered his phone immediately.  Hmmm.  Makes you think, doesn’t it.  He said he’d do it, no problem.  Hmm.  THAT was easy.  Easier than the Easy Button!  I just fell into the trap, yet again, but if I don’t it doesn’t get taken care of!  I don’t know what else to do.  Oh, and he said that if I “quit showing him attitude, and get my head out of my ass, he’ll come home and spend time with me today.”  I’m going to end up like my aunt.  No furniture for 5 years, because her husband was too “busy” to go shopping and was too picky.  And she wouldn’t go buy the furniture by herself, because she said that he’d just send it all back if he didn’t like it.  Bullshit!  Not if she’d tossed the paperwork and receipts!  And I’d like to see how his lazy ass would have gotten it out of the house with no help.  (We all would have refused to help on principle.  She deserved furniture after 5 days, much less 5 years.  What happened to the old furniture, you ask?  He’d given it all to his nephew so he could set up housekeeping with his pregnant girlfriend, without asking her first.  And before buying new.)  Seriously, they are quite possibly the wierdest people I know.  She’s one of those women who never eats a hot meal cause she has to fix his plate for him first (she thinks), never makes vacation plans because he won’t like it (she’s afraid), and never makes a decision for herself because he might get upset (she’s a wimp).  I really don’t think it’s an abuse situation, I think it’s just what she thinks wifing involves.  I vowed years ago never to be like my mom and aunt.  I once got smacked for telling my mom she couldn’t poop without asking dad.  I was a bit mouthy, could you tell?  But, come on.  I had asked if I could go to a friend’s house (the friend’s mother was picking me up, so I wasn’t even putting her out at all) and mom told me I had to wait till dad got home from work to ask him.  He didn’t get home till after dark or dinnertime, whichever came first.  Make a decision for yourself!  I was a bit frustrated cause I just couldn’t see what the problem was.  (Still can’t see what it was, after all these years.)  Now, in order to (maybe, but probably not, no guarantees) get what I need and want, I’m gonna have to learn to be mousy?  Am I in God’s toilet?  Did He just sit down with a newspaper?  That’s how this past year has felt.

{April 7, 2009}   Protected: Good news.

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{April 7, 2009}   I’m frustrated.

Men.  They are inconsiderate, illogical, unsatisfied jackasses in search of the perfect, most self-satisfying(with no consideration to you , I might add.  God forbid you get any enjoyment out of it.) lay.  AAAARRRRRGH!!!  I’m so sick of this type of behavior.  I’m also sick of the “bartering system” they use.  You know “I’ll do this, but unbeknownst to you, I expect some sort of sexual favor and just assume I’m going to get it, because, of course, I’m being a good boy for once.”  It’s soooo irritating.  I hope he reads this.  I’m tempted to leave it up on the screen just so that happens.  My only expectations are “Ok, I expect you’ll help me with this because you love me, and also want to get this done.  Oh, and with no ulterior motives, of course.  If you approach me with no ulterior motives, and just help me because I need it, or because we’re working toward a common goal, you might get it more often!”  Why is that so hard for them to understand?  All I want is some understanding, consideration, and respect.  Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?

{April 6, 2009}   Drumroll, please!

This morning, since 0630AM, I have gotten ready, taken my husband to work across town,  driven home, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, done 2 loads of laundry with more to come shortly, swept entire house, mopped entire house, and dusted entire house.  HAH!  I can do housework, I just hate it.  I can do it good, too.  It is now 1030AM.  I shall now wait for applause………(cricket…cricket…)  No matter, I’ll applaud myself!  Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!  (Would dance, but too tired and sore from yesterday’s activities.  And not the good kind.)  I’ve been a very busy girl the past 1.25 days.  Will shortly be taking YCU to his follow-up appt for his foot.  Hope it’s good news. Pray it’s good news.  He needs to go back to work. Soon.  He’s been driving me crazy.  “Get in that lane!  Go, go, go!  Pull out!  Dammit, now we’re stuck behind that light for the 3rd time!  Can’t you speed up?  Don’t you see the other cars whizzing by you?”  (To which I answer: “If they all want to get tickets, they can speed.  I’ve set the cruise control at the speed limit, and am thereby avoiding unnecessary expenditure.  If you would like to drive, take off the boot that is keeping your poor, pitiful, broken, painful, foot in alignment, and have at it.”)  Then there’s the constant need for attention that is male.  Can’t even get time to shave my legs because he screams if his shower changes its temperature 1 degree, and we are blessed with a perfectly functioning 30 gallon water heater that my husband refuses to replace on principle.  Or shall I mention the constant noise that is Guitar Hero or some loud, shoot ’em up, blow things up, everybody is killing everybody with guns bigger than the Chrysler Building instructional videos, because, you know, just in case we’re ever attacked by terrorists and the fate of the free world rests on him, he’ll know what to do.  *sighs*  My new flower bed looks pretty, though.  Will give him credit for that.

{April 5, 2009}   And so we mulched.

Well, $400 later, I am now the proud owner of a newly created flowerbed with purple, yellow, and pink flowers in it.  Fully top-soiled and mulched.  It really looks nice, and I really need to learn how to upload pics so I can show you before and after.  My husband kept talking about random stuff relating to the flower beds, and the new stuff we were creating, and I realized he hadn’t listened to a word I’d said about where I’m putting the plants I’ve ordered.  They haven’t come in yet, so I’ve been sitting around deciding where to put them.  I had to show him again where I wanted the stuff, and he’s got this bright idea of putting flower beds around the trees in the front yard so that he won’t have to mow so close.  This sounds like a lot more work than I’d anticipated.  *sighs*  He keeps saying he’s proving a point, that I’ll get tired of all this dirt and shovelling, but I did it today, and did my fair share of the work.  I can’t lift 40lb bags, so I hate it that he has to do the heavy lifting.  Boo-hoo-hoo.  Hmmmph!

{April 4, 2009}   I’m losing hope again.

Stupid, pessimistic, and unfounded, as my period’s at least 1.5 weeks away.  Supposedly.  We’ve talked about the orneriness of my Ute before.  I need to really not think about any of this.  I don’t know why I am anyway, as we’re “taking a break.”  Yeah, right.  Like I can just “forget” about it.  We all know how that’s gonna turn out.  Must. Plant. Flowers/shrubs.  Must. Go. to work.  Must.  Find.  Other things to do.  Say it with me.

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