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{May 1, 2009}   I’m showing already?

Yeah.  How odd is that?  How odd is it that I popped positive at 5 weeks?  I mentioned today about this to my sister, stating that I was somewhat concerned that there might be “extras” co-habitating in there, and she made a really great point.  “Three babies are better than none, right?”  True, I told her, but I only have 2 tits.  And unless someone can find the money tree hidden in the backyard, I’m screwed on that front, too.  Down to ramen noodles and hot dogs.  This would happen to me.  I’m a total shit magnet.  Oh, and sis, thanks for the smack.  I’m beginning to feel better.


Lorza says:

You are funny! Have you gone in for an US- or did I miss it? I have been on a blogging hiatus (damn the 58 new posts to read)…and seem to be missing alot!!

Nina says:

No, my u/s is in 1.5 weeks. I just had blood work drawn on Monday. I should be grateful that I’m pg at all. I’m just a cynical individual who uses her blog for a diary, then forgets that others can read it too!

battycatlady says:

Don’t forget “casserole”– rice, ground beef, and a can of veg-all. Yuuummm yum. Though, actually, if you take out the veg-all and do a good job of seasoning the rice it’s not too bad. And superdeeduper cheap.

Ya know.. just in case there really are extras in there.

rosesdaughter says:

Showing? I’m not showning yet, but my ass is telling everyone that I am pregnant. Jeez.

Nina says:

It would have absolutely no nutritional value for me, cause I’d upchuck it all, just like I did when I was a kid. Nasty. Mom finally stopped making it cause we slept at the table refusing to eat it. If there are extras, I’m taking enough folic acid to supply an army

Val says:

ha – more than likely you’re one of the lucky ones [like me] who immediately start to “blossom”… I think I gained 20 lbs in my 1st trimester, then things leveled out so I only gained 35 lbs overall.
[don’t stress about it, lactation melts it right off!]

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