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{May 4, 2009}   Ok, so I just couldn’t help myself.

Apparently, my boobs are a force that cannot be contained.  They’re sore, my nipples are like rocket launchers(standing at the ready, mind you), and I have now broken 2 bathing suit tops with them.  One, I was trying to pray my way into, so I kindof understand, but today?  I was just napping in the car and all of a sudden I felt a pop(!), and the puppies were loose.  In the car, 22 miles from the motel room.  Great.  AND I had to pee.  Desperately.  So, all in all, not one of my best mornings.  Finally made it back to the room, and after a long and relaxing pee, took a nap, (because I’m constantly tired all of a sudden), went shopping for a new suit.  For the 2nd time in under a year.  *sighs*  I did find a new suit that fit and was relatively inexpensive, so that was good.  Oh, and when we went to the pool, we were playing and relaxing and the creepy old man that was in the hot tub got out and had to immediately dive into the cold pool, if you know what I mean.  I couldn’t help but see, it was right there!  I’m not sure what he was doing in that hot tub, but it looked as if he were enjoying himself a bit too much.  I wasn’t planning on getting in the spa anyway, but now it’s absolutely, positively crossed off the list for both of us.  I told the YCU what I’d seen, and that unless he wanted rocky mountain oysters, he was to stay out all together.  I think he was just as grossed out by the creepy old man as I was.


becomingwhole says:

Good luck with the new busoms–sounds like you need it. 🙂

yea. based on every single friend’s pregnancy that i’ve been through.. that sounds about right.

just wait til you start breast feeding.

Enna says:

First, I know I am soooooo behind on checking in on blogs I read but…
CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING PREGGO! Seriously, I am so so so happy for you (and so so so jealous right now you do not even know.)

Second, ew. Only in Florida.

Nina says:

Thank you. I’m excited, and terrified, and I don’t even know what. I’m constantly evaluating to see if my symptoms are still there and pinching (I’m beginning to get bruises) to see if I’m awake. My scan is next Tuesday, and I’m just so afraid they’ll scream “Fraud! Faker!!” at me. Dumb, much? Yeah, I think so.

keanetwins says:

Oh, my. Ewww…

As for me, when I was p-word, my tata’s got their own postcode. 🙂


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