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{May 12, 2009}   Today

My 1st u/s is today.  My 1st appt is today.  I’m paranoid.  I’m pathetic.  I’ve no reason to be upset or worried, I’ve had no bleeding, but I’ve also had no nausea,  and no tiredness that wasn’t brought on by taking a prophylactic anti-puke.  You’d think I’d be thankful and count myself lucky so far, but no, I’m a worry-wart, and can’t help myself.  I”ll update you all later, after the appt.

Update:  Everything looks good!  That perfectly round thing you see is the yolk sac, then directly under that is the head and cranial cavity.  Which is round like it’s supposed to be, so I feel much better.  Directly west of the yolk sac is the right arm bud (I think) and the left is southeast of that. Directly south of the left arm is the umbilical cord.  That string-like structure that’s right above the friendly greeting.  It’s all blown out of proportion here, but I can tell, anyways!  I just hope the scan on Thursday goes well, then I’ll truly go public.



I can’t wait to here how it goes! Believe me, I understand how the worry feels. Good luck.

Enna says:

It will all turn out ok! And woo hoo for babies!

May says:

Thinking of you! Good luck, good luck, good luck (said three times for luck).

rosesdaughter says:

Hey, did you just add that ultrasound photo?????YEAH!!!!

Nina says:

Yeah, I updated this post. I had to wait until my computer-literate husband could upload it for me! I’ll figure it out sooner or later, but while I have a free service for this, I’ll keep using him!

That’s really good news – fingers crossed for another good scan on Thursday!

that’s great news, what a beautiful u/s pic 🙂 GL for thursday

Val says:

What a beautiful baby 😉
Can’t wait to see more updates…

battycatlady says:

Yay! Hi there, little niece-or-nephew!

becomingwhole says:

amazing…yay for round heads…

Nina says:

I lurve me some round heads. I never noticed just how many of them there are in the world until my baby didn’t have one! I’ll update you tomorrow with more pics!

g says:

Congratulations. Lovely to see. 🙂

Are you getting an early formal scan at 10 weeks to be sure, and before 20 for spina bifida?


Nina says:

Yes, she’s bringing me back in 2 weeks, provided everything goes well today. I don’t know about the sb, but I assume we’ll talk about that at the next appt. I got one at 14 weeks before, but the baby was rolling around like a cat in a bag, and she missed the head the whole time. That’s why I didn’t find out until 18 wks. I imagine she’ll do the u/s again this time. I’ll just insist on some more patience, I suppose.

LadySpade the Queen says:

Congrats on the pregnancy! I hope you have your next few months go smoothly, but we know the stressing out always creeps in! – ICLW

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