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{May 14, 2009}   It never fails…

When you try to keep a secret, someone spills the beans.  Or in this case, walks into the waiting room.  I’m waiting for my appt this morning and who should walk in but one of my husband’s friends and his wife, also for their u/s.  This was the same guy who tried to lecture me about marriage when he hadn’t gotten there yet, but I’ve decided to forgive him.  Anyway, we hadn’t told a lot of people, ya know?  So it was a surprise for him to see me there.  In fact, he did a double take.  But, all is well.  The peri-natologist said that everything looks fine, and she is not suspicious at all.  She did, however, say that with my history, she wanted to do another u/s at 14 weeks, and then at 20.  I kindof wish my doc could be there for all this, but I guess she’ll be following along later.  I’m still feeling good, and not terribly tired, except I didn’t sleep well last night.  (I wonder why.)  Anyway, hopefully they’ll release me to my doc’s care soon after that, and I’ll be able to deliver at the facility I want to, where I know everybody.  We’ll see, I guess.  But, now, I think it just might be safe to let everyone else in on the secret!

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