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{May 17, 2009}   I’ve decided:

Nothing makes you question yourself and your parenting skills like watching your best friend’s child for the weekend.  But, I figured after making him take his shoes off to get on the couch, put his own juice(jeese!  What do you say?  Peaze!) in the fridge (he’s 3, I thought he ought to be able to handle this by now), no jumping on the furniture, don’t pick your nose, yucky!, getting him to pee-pee on the potty, making him pancakes (ca-cakes) this morning, and making him eat them relatively neatly (Kid can use a fork!  Who knew?), along with him doing all of this with really no trouble, that maybe, just maybe, I’d be ok.  Oh, and he’d have nothing but to have me sit next to him while we shared pancakes, so I guess he loves me anyway.  Some low points:  Haven’t seen any poop yet, afraid he might be constipated from bananas and chicken nuggets last night.   This am, woke up to find him soaked (you know).  I guess I didn’t check him last night before bed.  (Oops.)  He’s been dying to play Guitar Hero (gar-tars), but apparently, he tried to break the guitar last time, so YCU nixed that.  We’ve been reading books, washing hands (a lot), watching the Kung Fu Panda (There is no charge for awesomeness!  Or attractiveness!), letting the dogs out, washing clothes, walking in the mall, and pointing at other kids with shoes that light up.   We didn’t want to hold hands, but we didn’t have a choice.  We don’t know what we’d do without the Spongebob Movie, either.  I can now sing the entire song:  Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?  Sponge!  Bob!  Squarepants! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!…Anyway.  He keeps asking my husband what he’s doing, which I do all the time, (I act like a 3-year-old?  Hmmm.) and it’s driving him nuts!  Yes!  This is great.  I can never seem to convince him that he’s just interesting, and we want to know what he’s doing!  Hah!  The kid loves his crocs, and it’s all I can do to get him to understand that we don’t need to wear shoes in the house.  Anyway, all’s well still, I’m still not really tired or nauseated.  Maybe, I’ve dodged a bullet?  I can only hope.  We’re supposed to call my friend when we’re tired of Stub.  I’ll call her later today.  I’m gonna try to sweep and mop, but I may wait till after we take him back!  Oh, and yes, his nickname’s Stubby.  My friend’s husband is one of those people who’s overly concerned with certain parts of his anatomy, if you know what I mean, and my husband, being the couth individual that he is, nicknamed the poor kid Stubby, and it stuck.  Now he won’t hardly answer to anything else!  Hysterical.

Update:  He’s constantly asking for bananas (nah-nahs), or cereal (cer-ul), and I just keep telling him no, he’s had breakfast already.  He didn’t quite make it to the potty this am, but he had a dipey on, so no biggie.  I’m not as good as Mommy at putting on dipeys, and shorts, predicting when we need to find the potty, and washing hands, and juice, but I’ll do in a pinch, I guess.  I just found him with the drumsticks in his hand from the Guitar Hero set, playing the drums and using the foot pedal.  I’ve always known that kids’ll get into anything they can, but good God, I was just throwing on clothes!  Well, I guess I’ve learned my lesson on that.  Lock them in the iron maiden, THEN get dressed!  I’ll know for future reference.  Good thing I’m getting practice, huh?  My kids may get by with only mild head injuries, instead of accidents involving full body casts!  I think this has been a good learning experience.  My search terms today:  My tank top had to pee.  Yeah., honey, you’re getting it all wrong.  Clothing doesn’t have to pee.  Ever.


Lorza says:

Sounds like you have had an interesting weekend! Did you keep him b/c your friend went out of town or are you just being really nice?!?!? You are an awesome friend!

Nina says:

Nah, neither. They were having adult company for once, and wanted to have dinner without distractions. I figure I’ll be able to call in a few favors in a couple years! I really like keeping him, though. He’s always fun! I did have to pop his bottom once for getting in the fridge without asking (after I’d already told him no), but after a couple crocodile tears, he was over himself. He’s a sweet kid, and we love having him, so it’s more a favor to us, really!

Kids at that age are interesting/scary.
I kinda love the mis-pronunciation… did you know, that toasted marshmallows with chocolate on grahams are called “smooches”?

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