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{May 18, 2009}   I love ice cream.

With a most sinful hairy passion.  Especially Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  Oh.  My.  God!  That shit should have crack cocaine listed as one of the ingredients, cause I have an incurable addiction.  They have a deal right now:  2 quarts for $9!  And worth every penny.  I want ice cream.  In fact, I need ice cream.  And so I shall have some.  Ode to Ice Cream.  Just call me Vada Sultenfuss.  “And don’t come back for 5-7 days!!”  That’s my favorite line from that movie.  Right after follows “I’m hemorrhaging!!”    Dum, da da da  duh-da, dum da da da duh-da,   “I got sunshine, on a cloudy day….  Sorry.  Will have to watch that movie and satisfy my craving all at once.  Bye!


Yep, just rub it in for us lactose intolerant folks. Enjoy and have a scoop for me. *Sobs*

PS I love My Girl!

Nina says:

Sorry about that! Must have been the endorphins I was trying to release to make myself feel better. It worked, made me sleepy and fuzzy, and I’m a little better this morning. I’m still terrified, though. I don’t think it’s gonna matter how many u/s I get. I’ll probably do exactly what I did this time. Feel great afterward, then talk myself out of it by listing in my head all the awful stupid things that can happen. After this, comes the AFP. Then the g. diabetes test, then I gotta worry about the surfactant surge at 28 then 34ish (?) weeks. Then the GBS test. I don’t need this!!! ARrrrgh! ARSE.

battycatlady says:

Yeah, still can’t watch that movie without losing it. The 5-7 days thing was classic, though.

And yes, ice cream. ICE CREAM.

girl, i polish off a box of ice cream like it’s water.

and i’ve got no problem with you doing the same, but i just can’t watch you do it. I have issues. can’t be in the same room as someone else eating dairy products.


Nina says:

Well, don’t worry. If I come for a visit, I’ll content myself with trying some of that famous pizza and italian food! And don’t they have some serious bbq up there? I can pack away some ribs, and this was before I got pregnant!

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