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{May 21, 2009}   Ok, so yesterday…

we had a team meeting, and it was just mainly going over the best ways to practice current policies.  Ok.  My manager had come to me a few weeks ago and requested improvement in one area, so I did.  Now, she’s not worked with me since, so she’s not seen the improvement, but I believe in practicing the performance, so to speak.  During this meeting someone (a surgical tech, who I am in charge of , and resents it) brought up that some of the nurses don’t seem to take a certain procedure “seriously.”  And (as she was looking at me) “some of them talk so fast, there is just no way to keep up.”  Well, the girl sitting next to her pointed at me and nodded, in front of everyone.  Oh, yeah.  I was furious.  This same girl (the pointer) has turned me in for dumb shit before and gotten me written up, so I feel like I’m on thin ice already.  I’m not a bad nurse, I do my damndest every day to make sure everyone does what they’re supposed to and that the patients are taken care of.  What a bitch.  You’ll all be proud to know that the 1st thing to come into my head (I can’t help it if your stupid little countrified bitch ass is used to only listening to stupid slow people with no teeth!  I don’t have 45 minutes to pander to your delicate sensitivities!  Pay attention, moron!!) did NOT come out of my mouth.  At least, not until later, and not in front of that person.  However, I don’t need this.  I do not need this stress right now.  I paranoid enough as it is.  And another thing, how dare she do something like that in front of people?  If she really didn’t understand what was going on, why didn’t she just stop and ask?  She’s trying to get me fired, and it’s not gonna happen.  I went to talk to my supervisor, who witnessed the whole thing, and told her that I was pissed the fuck off.  I also expressed my fears and paranoia, which I probably shouldn’t have, but she did reassure me somewhat, that she would come and evaluate the situation.  I realize I’m a four-alarm fire with a cannon on the front of my face and the energy to match, but damn!  I’m not speaking Spanish!!  Or portuguese, or french, for that matter!  Her inability to pay attention is not my problem, and I said so, to my boss.  If people only gave me credit for the things I manage to hold in, I’d be up for damned sainthood!  And the people at work would probably think I had an anger disorder, or something equally stupid.  I don’t, I just don’t have any patience for people who can’t think outside the box to get things done, but try to tell me I’m stupid for doing so.  (coughHUSBANDcough and others)  So, later in the afternoon, I was going through the procedure and everyone was talking, and not paying attention, so in my best projectile vocal tone, I hollered over everybody “HEY HEY HEY!!!  Everybody paying attention, now?  Good.  Time out….”  And trust me, I can project.  Remember I told you I used to sing in the choir before I realized I couldn’t sing?  (Think Barney Fyfe.  Yeah, it was that bad.)  Well, they did teach me a few things, and I was loud and obnoxious to begin with.  My mother used to ask me how someone so small could make all that noise.  Hee, HEE HEE!!  The md asked me why I was so grumpy, and I told him “Because they said we had to be.  Have to make sure everyone is paying attention.”  Humph.  Fixed that wagon.

Enna says:

WTF? You talk fast and she can’t understand you? AND YOU’RE IN TROUBLE? Wow, they are really celebrating mediocrity nowawadays aren’t they.

Nina says:

Yes, I know. She lives 1 hr from town, is late half the time and just writes the time she’s supposed to be here in the book (which is stealing from the company), she doesn’t clock out to go smoke (which is stealing from the company), and no one seems to catch it, cause she’s the pampered little pet. I’ll find something to get her with, wait and see. She shows exceptionally poor attitude when request that she count suture individually (which is required per policy), and I’m tired of fighting her on it. I win, cause I’m the nurse, and she’s not, but I shouldn’t have to pull rank to get people to do their jobs and take care of patients properly. I can only imagine the legal implications if a suture needle were left inside a patient, we were sued, and the attorney asks “What? You saw 8 needles, but you didn’t count them to make certain there were 8? That’s criminal negligence, and you’re going to jail!” We’ll see who’ll win this pissing match. *whispers*Mine’s bigger and longer, trust me!

battycatlady says:

Darn tootin. I would talk to her at about one word per second (when it’s not vital to be quick, obviously), just to piss her off. I had a person like that too for a while. Let me know when yours gets canned, and we’ll go out for a celebratory dinner! 🙂

becomingwhole says:

How totally unprofessional to call you out like that in a meeting and to POINT (!?!?!?!!?) at you? WTF?!?! Can I go to that dinner, too?

Nina says:

Yes, Becca, you can. But it’ll have to be after munchkin gets here, so I can drink excessively.

Lorza says:

oh how I hate the medical feild sometimes. I worked with one like that last night!!!! I had to tell a fellow nurse to so carry BLANKETS and SHEETS from a patient with the Flu (A) around in the nurses station while she ANSWERED AT GD PHONE!!!!! HELLO!?!??!?! She was carrying them to the linen cart and she heard the phone ring…and she pulled down her mask, and answered it. Still holding contaminated flu linens. HOLY SHIT!

THEN she got all pissy when I told her to put them in the cart b/c after she hung up the phone she was chit chatting on how long the pig flu results take to get back, what is the incubation period…etc. etc. I popped off with “Well, when WE all get it I will be able to pinpoint why- when we all didn’t have contact with the patient!!! We are getting it from the linens you are slinging around back here”. UGH.

Good luck with yours- mine is fellow RN so it is even more frustrating.

ARGH. I hate it when medical “professionals” aren’t professional at all.

I loved your “we have to make sure everyone is paying attention” response, how perfect!


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