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{May 23, 2009}   You guys want to hear something sweet?

My husband put together our baby bed last night.  It’s soo pretty!   Just got in the mood, I guess.  He also took down our box of pictures of our 1st baby and got them developed.  (And didn’t take them to his mother to develop!  She works at the Walgreen’s in Smyrna.  They’re trainable, girls!  More on that later.)   We cried some, and went and got some dinner.  He put everything together before I got home, and my Dad called in the middle of it.  My YCU then spilled the beans accidentally.  So, we “came out” to my parents and his mom yesterday.  I had promised my sister that I’d tell Mom how I’d sworn her to secrecy, cause Mom asked her point blank and she had to fib.  So I did.  We also had to come out to all of my husband’s friends via his forum site.  But, it was ok.  I’m just leary of telling in general.  I still don’t believe it.  I’m still afraid.  I’ve been told by every single person I’ve told that they’re praying for me, and it seems to have worked to get me pregnant, so maybe it’ll work to keep my baby healthy.  I’ve been praying too.


Tarah says:

Yay for the baby bed and congrats on your pregnancy! 🙂


Kristin says:

Congrats on your pregnancy and I’m glad to read everything is going well.


BTW, check your contact me page for crochet info from me.

Nina says:

Kristen, thanks! I’ve looked at the sites. They ought to be useful.

How cool! Can’t wait to do the same for us!

Mr. Shelby

g says:

Relieved to hear they’re trainable.



It’s true, they ARE trainable! I’ve been married for almost 16(!) years and I trained mine ;o) Congrats on putting up the bed, that’s gotta be a good feeling. Sending you many prayers!

^WiseGuy^ says:

Wow…for getting in the mood and getting a gorgeous baby bed!

Sending good luck your way!


rosesdaughter says:

Yes, they are trainable. Still working on mine!

becomingwhole says:

Wow…those are a lot of big steps. I’m glad you’re feeling happy. I like the happy.

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