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{May 24, 2009}   The mother-in-law.

You know, the large, rude, multi-colored parrot?  Well.  I just spent an entire morning with her.  Yes, this event was dive-bombed on me this morning by my husband’s alarm going off.  I woke up and asked (in my sleepy stupor)”Yous got zomewhere to be, babe?”  “Oh, yeah, church with Mom.”  *sits bolt upright in bed*  “Why didn’t you tell me about this before now?”  ARRRRGH!  *sighs*  So, I got up, put on a dress, had to run by Kroger’s to pick up some panty-hose (Mine all had runs in them, naturally.), and went to a church that I don’t even believe in.  Yes, the same one where the pastor was talking about abortions and pissed me off.  Before the service, she started with “I’m soo glad you came today.  It won’t hurt ya, ya know.”  Then she took us to lunch and started in on “So, when are you two going to get back to church?  It’s important for that little one, ya know.”  Now, I grew up in church.  I loved sunday school, and I always had friends and all that.  However.  I really don’t like being waylaid like that, and I don’t like her church.  Now, no offense to anyone who goes to a Southern Baptist church, but these modern churches with the big screens up on the wall, and the drums, and the pomp and circumstance just plain old freak me out.  All these upbeat, fake, in your face people just irk me for some reason.  Now, the MIL seems drawn to whatever is new and trendy, and that’s fine, if that’s what she likes.  I just grew up in a much more staid, stoic, and old-fashioned environment.  No nurseries, or kid’s church, or big screens, or drums, or “christian rock.”  I got baptized in the lake.  (No such animal as a baptistry when I was a kid.)  My church was so small that 60 people on Sunday morning was a big crowd.  My grandaddy is a minister, and we were always expected to be better because we were the “S____ Kids”.  Irritating as hell.  We couldn’t go have fun like everybody else, we had to sit and behave.  XYZ.  Just hated it for that reason.  But, if I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go to the church I grew up in, cause just cause I hated being a kid there, it has nothing to do with how I believe.  Anyway, I digress.  I don’t think I’ll be waylaid like that again.  I pretty much shut her down today.    She’s just inappropriate at times.  When I said in the last post that my husband didn’t take our pics to his mother to develop, it was because she was angry when I was in the hospital, losing our child, and she wanted to see the baby and we wouldn’t let her.  So ever since, she’s been hinting that we could bring her the camera to develop those pics and “no one else would see them, ya know.”  Do I look stupid to you?  You don’t think I know the real reason you want to do that?  Come on.  It was one thing for my husband and I to see her, but her?  No, I don’t think so.  Just goes to show how territorial and inappropriate she is.  In the past, my husband has had an orca-sized blind spot when it came to his mother’s behavior.  It is getting smaller.  It’s only, say, Clydesdale-sized now.  He’s getting better.  Hence not taking the pics to her to develop, even at her insistance.  I can’t wait to see her at the hospital.  She’s going to test the waters to see just how far she can go.  I’m not letting my husband palm her off on me to handle, either.  She tended to butt in a lot with my stepson.  If she tries that with my child, she won’t like the result.  Bless her heart.

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