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{May 25, 2009}   I knew it would happen.

Remember I told you a few posts ago, that I’d likely feel great after my u/s then talk myself out of it?  Yeah.  I’m there.  I’m terrified again.  My scan is tomorrow, and I’m afraid they’ll tell me something’s wrong, the baby’s not growing, I still don’t really have any symptoms, and that’s the reason why.  Or that it’s happened again.  I want to permanently strap a in and trail an u/s machine after me so I can see him/her/it at all times.  While this may sound like it has a dual purpose, I can assure you it doesn’t.  Purely for the benefit of my psychiatric health.  At least until I can feel him/her/it moving, then I won’t need it anymore.

becomingwhole says:

I think you’ll need your psychiatric health even after you feel him/her/it moving–at least that’s how I read those last few sentences the first time.

I hope this stress gets easier and that you get all the reassurance you need.

becomingwhole says:

Oh, and I tagged you on my blog. Look for the “crazy 8’s” post. 🙂

battycatlady says:

I’ve been there– things are finally going right but you’re expecting them to go wrong any second. It’s a miserable way to feel. Hugs.

Stefanie says:

hope everything went well with the scan

Enna says:

I’m still praying for you! It will be a ok!

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