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{May 25, 2009}   My YCU. Bless his heart.

I took him to work this morning.  Yes, on Memorial Day, because his boss is a dick.  They’re trying to make him quit, so they don’t have to pay him his worker’s comp settlement.  YCU thinks they’re going to fire him after he goes back to work.  I keep saying surely not, but I’ve been proven wrong before.  It would happen to us.  Anyway, I got home, and what do I find?  The (used) butter knife laying on top of the (closed) butter container, socks in the kitchen, and he still hasn’t cleaned either bathroom that’s needed it since we got back from vacay.  I had to bug him the other day to pick up the man-panties in the bedroom floor.  I guess one piece of clothing a week is just too much to ask.  When I woke him up (Hi, honey.  Good morning!  Yeah, do you think you could clean the bathrooms and pick up in here a little bit, and if you have time, go to the grocery store today?)  he accused me of waking him up to bark at him.  If I wanted to bark, a whispered “hi, honey” would not have been part of the dialogue.  All of these chores would have taken under 2 hours.  I’m a bit angry that he’s being so inconsiderate and taking me for granted.  I’m thinking of getting a large box and a shovel and burying his clothes in the backyard.

theworms says:

My DH is the same, do they go to some school that teaches them to leave their clothes on the floor or in my DH’s case the corner of the closest, which I refer to as his “closet”. I hope it gets cleaned up soon.

Congrats on your little one. ICLW

Nina says:

Yes, it’s called childhood, and their mothers are the teachers, the fathers the principles, and the brothers and sisters are the classmates! His mother should have had outside evaluations. Sometimes, I think the things she taught him could fit in a supermodel’s blue jeans. I hid his clothes under the bed once, and after about 3 weeks, he began to wonder where his clothes were. I told him that if he hadn’t been getting them in the proper receptacle, to check under the bed, as that’s where I’d been putting everything. It worked for awhile, but…time for an attitude adjustment, I suspect.

CityGirl says:

Make that a Rubbermaid container and a shovel. If you use a cardboard box, the clothes will get damp and dirty and when he finally digs them up you’ll just have to wash them.

I’m just sayin’….

Also, the first boss I had when I moved to Alabama? Was so cheap he would not give us Memorial Day as a paid holiday because it was a YANKEE holiday, created by Northerners after the Civil War.

Never mind that he didn’t give us Confederate Memorial Day off either. Cheap bastard.

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