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{May 26, 2009}   Look! Hemispheres!

Perfect.  I was told again!  And I have picture proof.  That I will have to post later, due to my complete lack of computer literacy. *sighs*   However, I saw cranium, brain hemispheres, legs, arms, feet, hands, eyes, ears, nose, and heartbeat.  Sooo, for now, I don’t have to strap the in.  For now.  Dr. M was laughing at me, as the title of this post was my exclamation during the scan.  Thank you all for the well-wishes and prayers, and the minimal eye-rolling!  I know waaaaaay too much crap.  Oh, and I sliced my finger open this week, and ended up in the ER getting stitched, which then showed up on Dr. M’s list, which sent her into heart palpitations until she realized I only sliced my finger.  Don’t worry, it was a clean scalpel blade.  We were breaking down a clean table due to delay of surgery and I accidentally sliced my finger.  Oh, I’ll also post pics of my new crib too!  It’s just too cute, if I do say so myself.

Ok, finally got my YCU to post my new pics.  Yes, munchkin’s nickname (YCU coined, just as an aside) is Chunk.  At least until further notice.  Anyway, you can see little round head, and brain, and arms and legs, and a normal looking baby!!!

So, this….

will eventually be sleeping in (I hope) this!!  No mattress or crib set yet.  But I still think the bed is pretty.  But I suppose I could be biased.  Just a wee bit, mind you.

Yes, don’t worry, we will be getting rid of the peachy/cream walls.  Contractor paint, ugh.  And decorating to taste.  I’m looking forward to this.  For now.  Ask me again in 2 weeks.


So cool! We tripped out when we could make out the hemispheres too.

So happy for you and congrats again.

Mr. Shelby

Enna says:

WOO HOO! YES! Way to grow that baby right!

rosesdaughter says:

Yeah baby!!! Isn’t this exciting!!!!

becomingwhole says:

Yay! So exciting! And very pretty crib, indeed.

rosesdaughter says:

You got a crib already??????? I want one!!!1 But I am making myself wait. I haven’t gotten ANYTHING for the baby yet. But cute cranium!!!!!

Nina says:

We bought this one last year. It came after I came home from the hospital. It’s been hidden behind the closed door for 10 months. We weren’t all that industrious this time, I promise. I’ve not bought a thing this time.

battycatlady says:

I’m actually more excited that I can see toes.

An excellent picture. I predict that little Chunk will be very photogenic.

Nina says:

Me, I’m afraid the nickname will stick, like in Stubby’s case. *sighs* That kid’s gonna hate us in a few more years.

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