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{May 27, 2009}   Anonymity

I knew it wouldn’t last.  Apparently, someone who reads my blog shares a forum site with my YCU and I’m not sure if they thought they were tattling or not but, they mentioned that they thought they knew me.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve complained to my husband about everything I’ve said here millions of frustrating times before, with no improvement.  Tattling deferred.  I’m not shy, and I’m a horribly open individual.  My husband’s friends like to spend too much time here and I’ve threatened before to eat cereal and walk around nekkid due to their obvious plan to pay rent soon.  They left.  I lost my sense of personal embarrassment long ago, being a nurse.  Pretty much whatever I think comes out of my mouth and I’ve learned to take pride in that.  Can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective.  Enjoy your time here.

Lorza says:

LOL!!! Yes, being a nurse does make your sense of embarassment get skewed. (or however you spell it.) Good luck.

rosesdaughter says:

Oh yeah. We nurses really have no shame. I find that almost anything comes out of my mouth too. That really becomes a hazard when you work l&d!

Nina says:

Is that not the damn truth? I once told a guy I’d flunked fortune-telling when he asked me how long this was gonna take (pushing). I ain’t skeered!

CityGirl says:

I FREAKED OUT the day CountryGirl and I were “outted” in a local magazine.

Nearly DIED. That’s when we added the, “if you think you recognize yourself in one of our stories, you’re wrong” caveat in the header.

Anonymity is a luxury and it looks like none of us enjoys it!

I worry a little bit about what my family would say if they read my blog. Oh well, I’m not going to take back anything I’ve said. It is what it is!


Nina says:

I don’t so much. I like everyone in my family, for the most part. It’s his family I struggle with, and they’re starting to get it, I think. If they forget, don’t worry. God blessed me with this wicked fast brain and a cannon for a mouth. It usually takes care of the problem. If not, the YCU will have to do it. He has to live with me, so he usually takes care of things to my liking.

geohde says:

Ah, been there, been emporered clothed myself. Passwords are great 🙂


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