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{May 31, 2009}   The leftovers:

These are the leftovers from YCU’s Birthday party last night.  Looks like he and all his friends had a good time.  I was pure worn out last night.  I’m kinda like Weezer from Steel Magnolias:  I smiled at the sonovabitch before I could help myself!  I had to be nice to everybody yesterday, and it just took everything I had.  I would like it noted for future referral!  See for yourself!  Oh, and P.S.  Yes, my husband is a child, and had to have Spongebob plates.  It’s like living with an overgrown adolescent at times.


well, at least the dog had a good time…. shame about having to him drinking Bud Light though.

Nina says:

Yeah, the beer of choice at our house is Heinekin Light, or Coors Light, but that was donated, so we weren’t going to do a dental exam on a horse, if you know what I’m sayin’. Don’t worry, I had bottled water!

oohhhh, okay, then, that makes it alright then. Free beers is free beers… well, unless it’s Mad Dag 20/20, in which case, thanks but no.

CityGirl says:

The Dog: It isn’t the hat that’s making me laugh, it’s the Bud Light.

He really doesn’t strike me as a light beer drinker. Red Label Bud (aka Bud Heavy), MGD…PBR maybe, but not Bud Light!

Nina says:

Yeah, Bo is waaaaay more a fan of Heiny Lite. But, in a pinch, he’ll play with a Dasani Strawberry water bottle, too. It’s really funny to see him running around the yard playing keep away with the pug.

becomingwhole says:

Hope Bo wasn’t too hungover…Miss Doggy, she’s a girly drink kind of gal, you know? Maybe they can party together sometime (no worries, all her girl parts were removed long ago) so it should be safe.

Glad (for you) that the party’s over. 🙂

Nina says:

She is? Well so am I…when I can. We’ll definitely have to get them together! How far are you from Tennessee? No worries here either! Bo was an “It” before we got him! Although it would be amusing to watch. My two have never seen girls before!

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