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{June 1, 2009}   Biggie Smalls

This is what he’s taken to calling me now, with a shit-eatin’ grin on his face.  He informed me this morning that he’s a chubby-chaser now.  Yes, the YCU.  What a pig.  (As I throw something at him and threaten to send him to live with his mama, laughing all the way.)  I’m still not showing, really.  I can tell, but no one else can.  He has informed me that I’m not to blow up like a balloon.  Not that I wanted to.  Let’s just see how much weight he gains alongside, shall we?

I called him ‘Hairy Assholio’ this morning, so maybe we’re even.


rosesdaughter says:

C-Dub is alarmed that I may become huge! Poor baby, he is constantly watching me. Like you, I notice that I have a bump, but most just notice my ass is bigger!

Nina says:

Well, so far, I haven’t noticed my ass getting bigger, just my bump. And just why do they think we merit watching in the weight-gain department anyway? We’re girls, right? Isn’t that kinda hard-wired into us? Boys are stupid.

Enna says:

Biggie Smalls isn’t that bad. If he starts making that BEEP BEEP BEEP noise when you back up let me know and I will come on down there and box his ears.

Nina says:

He did that last week. Box away.

g says:

I have to tell you, I was never more horrified than at my body 6 hours post partum. yes, I stacked on an insane amount of weight and a lot of it was fluid, but I also followed the see-food diet.

I’m glad it came off, and I shall never stuff my gob ‘for the babies’ again 🙂

Even my bum has stretchmarks….


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