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{June 3, 2009}   Jersey City?

This am, at 0445, I dropped my YCU off at the airport to fly one-way to Newark, New Jersey.  No, I didn’t throw him out for calling me Biggie Smalls, (although the thought did cross my mind) he’s going up there to look at a car and ostensibly is going to drive it all the way back to TN.  A northern car, which is 22 years old, has been exposed to the elements up there, and did I mention it was 22 years old and he thinks he’ll be fine driving back to Tennessee in it?  *hands rubbing face in frustration and anguish*  When will he learn?  And all the cautionary statements in the world from me mean nothing, because he’ll get up there, play with it for a bit, forget about the fact that he has no tools on this 12 hour trip, get all excited over something, well, not new and shiny, just something he wants, and I’ll end up driving to Virginia tonight to get him.  And we’ll have to finance a new-to-him car, cause he will have spent all the money on this one.  22 years old.  This car is considered antique!  You don’t take classic cars that have been fully restored on long road trips!  What is he thinking?  Actually, I know what he’s thinking with, if not the actual thoughts.  This car better be reliable, safe, and have hook-ups for a car seat, is all I’m sayin’.  It’s probably a gas-hog, leaks oil, smells, is rusted beyond all belief.  He looked at pictures, but there’s lots of things that can be covered up over the internet.  We are not amused.

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