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{June 8, 2009}   I knew I kept him around for something.

YCU made me grilled cheese sandwiches tonight, and watched Twilight with me.  I’m now going to have to get the book from my sister.  There were some seriously intense situations in this movie, for supposedly being a teen movie.  Otherwise, this has been a most boring day.


battycatlady says:

Amazing what vampires can do to a kiddie movie, huh? I’m officially dragging you to see “New Moon” with me this fall. BTW, grilled cheese sandwiches sound GOOD. O appetite, where is thy restraint??

Mel says:

I did the same thing–watched the movie and just checked the book out of the library.

And sadly put myself down for the movie AGAIN at the library, though I’m 94th or so in the queue.

Nina says:

I have to be honest. I fully expected there to be some serious hot and heavy, if you know what I mean. I mean at some point, anyway. Wow. Those two have some serious on-screen chemistry!

battycatlady says:

Patience, grasshopper. They’ll get to that part along about the fourth book / movie.

rosesdaughter says:

Ahhh, welcome to the Twilight craze. Just wait. You’ll see.

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