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{June 13, 2009}   I have to say…

I’ve felt a lot better this week. Emotionally, anyway. I’m not so terrified of losing Chunk, now, and I’ve been showing my pics off to anyone who stands still long enough! I probably would have done that anyway, but whatever. Everyone chuckles at my pictures, cause I keep showing off my hemisphere achievement. I figure if everyone else can see them too, I’m not crazy, and my baby for sure has a brain. The first person who jokes about it being my baby, and it might not have any brain cells anyway is going to get a very strongly worded computer glare! I’m finally getting excited and happy, and am not afraid to plan, so much. Although, I still think I might just wait till the munchkin gets here before I let anyone give me a shower. I’m no that emotionally secure, yet.

I read a post this week about how babies change your life completely, and how so many couples suffer from it. It gave me goosebumps. I talked to the YCU about it, and we agreed that we both could do more to not antagonize and irritate the other one. Step up and help, as it were. I was kinda surprised, as usually, we end up arguing and bickering during these discussions. But, lo and behold, he’s actually been doing stuff this week. Like his clothes have gotten to the hamper 98% of the time, instead of the routine 12%. And he’s been cleaning up the kitchen after he fixes his dinner, instead of leaving the greasy mess for me to clean up later on. I’ll have to do better on my end, though. His clothes were still in the dryer this morning, and I got a note that he’d run out of man-panties. So I told him that from now on, please look in the dryer when this situation occurs. (Problem-solving skills, anyone?) He made the excuse that he didn’t want to wake the dogs up at 2am, cause they’d be barking and would wake me up. Yeah, right. I didn’t wake up when a car did somersaults in my front yard a few months ago, and he thinks the dogs are gonna do it? So I told him not to worry about me, and that I’d try to do better with the laundry. Wow. This usually turns into a power struggle, as well. I hope this lasts, it’s been very pleasant around here!


rosesdaughter says:

c dub is jumping through hoops now that i’m having his baby! lol!

Lorza says:

Manpanties…BWAAAA HAAA HAA HAA. That is hillarious. We have not even started the IVF process and I am nervous about the whole division of duties. Sometimes my husband thinks I am his personal assistant b/c his office staff/ nurses SPOIL him at work. It is just stupid ifyou ask me- he will ask stuff like “Where are my shoes? Where is that bottle of water? Is the toothpaste in the extra closet?” Translation=will you bring me my shoes, get me a bottle of water, and go get the toothpaste for me.”

UGH. Good luck, and I hope your peacefullness sticks around. We too bicker whilst talking about stuff…like not bickering. LOL!!!!

Nina says:

That ‘splains everything! If he’s a doctor, he’s used to getting spoiled, cause the hospital wants his business, so they’ll hire a personal bum-washer if necessary! Believe me, I know. I’m an OR Circulator! My job is to spoil surgeons. Sorry! Mine can’t seem to navigate the intricacies of making his own dr/dentist/whatever appts.

battycatlady says:

Well, you know.. it IS your kid, so maybe you should go ahead and reserve a spot on the short bus just in case…

Just kidding. 🙂

Nina says:

Hmmmmm….*feel the evil stare*

battycatlady says:

Whatever. My evil stare eats your evil stare for elevensies.

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