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{June 14, 2009}   In which I indulge my inner obsessive-compulsive.

Alright, class, today, I’m going to discuss some things that bother me. Like the past and current high school graduates that do not know the difference between “sell”, as in to give something away in exchange for money, and “sale”, as in the noun used in reference to the above transaction. Or that to “elude” something is to hide from or escape by the skin of their teeth, whereas to “allude” to something is to vaguely refer to it. They also do not know the difference between affect and effect, one being a verb, the other a noun. Now, none of these definitions are worthy of Webster’s, but having a basic working knowledge of the english language is essential, in my opinion, if you want anyone to take your writing or your words seriously. (The word is ‘ask’, not ‘axe’.) Not to mention, spelling and pronunciation errors that go uncorrected. I’ve always been accused of using too many “$5 words”, but come on. Did no one but me pay attention during the vocabulary lesson? Some of the words I just find funny to use on a daily basis, but some are essential to my method of communication. I get so frustrated trying to talk to people, sometimes, cause it’s like they’ve never been out of the yard! I feel that my grasp on the english language is quite remarkable, considering I’m from Tennessee. We had company last night, and one member of the party was a man that is older than me, but who is only concerned with being the center of attention, the latest slang terms, the latest fads, and can never keep a girlfriend. I have no idea what he’s talking about most of the time, because he’s either speaking unintelligibly (shizzle? Is that a word?), or calling everyone “dawg”. (What was it Shelby said? “An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure? But I digress.) He thinks I’m hysterical because of my overtly plainspoken demeanor, and quick wit. Me, I just feel irritated, and when I’m irritated, my mouth tends to go unchecked. The thing is, I would never say anything to any of these people who commit these infractions, but they just irk me. People ought to pay better attention and take more pride in how they present themselves. In my opinion. I was sooo born in the wrong generation.


becomingwhole says:

I think I just fell in love with you.

I hope that didn’t make you feel too weird.


battycatlady says:

Pssh. I had this problem IN high school, not after it. People called me the “grammar queen” and begged me to proofread their essays for them… until I handed the essay back and they asked if I had dipped it in red koolaid. Stop complaining, people. Rewrite the essay and enjoy the sweet smell of A+.

Enna says:

LMAO @ Battycatlady!

Mercy, you are born in the wrong generation!

Nina says:

Well, Enna, as battycatlady and I share the same DNA, it was only to be expected that we’d have the same compulsive tendencies. Just in different concentrations.

Nina says:

Nah, don’t worry, Wholly One. It happens a lot. It’s my animal magnetism. Don’t let it startle you. 😉

Hootie says:

Thank God! I thought I was the only one. The affect/effect one really bothers me, and don’t get me started on the use of apostrophes. I work for a doctor and he can’t seem to grasp the notion that if you don’t care enough to proof-read your sales copy, can your desired market believe you will be attentive to detail in your treatment of them?

Nina says:

No, they can’t. In my opinion. Your and you’re also bother me. I so loved diagramming sentences. Do they even teach that anymore? Maybe they should concentrate more on it, less on birth control. Birth control discussions should come from home. As in “If you come home in any other condition than you left it, I will fill in the blank.” But it should be something dire, so as to scare them to death. Also my opinion.

Hootie says:

I favor the “Make me a mother-in-law before you make me a grandmother” line. And, as Enna can tell you, the other mandate is “Breed to improve!” I hope she takes both to heart.

Nina says:

I feel the very same way. You and my mother could be sisters.

Val says:

Born to the wrong generation – perhaps… But I’m also a stickler for grammar, punctuation, & SPELLING!

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