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{June 15, 2009}   Double Sigh.

I’m sooo a nurse. We all have OCD tendencies. Today I intend to make a list:

Things I have done wrong in the last 12.5 weeks:
BC powders
Lifted 50lbs worth of dog food. Yes, at once.
not many vegetables.
Not enough water
*sighs* I’m also a perfectionist. Could you tell? Things I have done right!:
Avoided chemical vapors (at the risk of catching some sort of social disease in my bathroom, since my husband thinks cleaning is something that can only be done once a year)
No fish!
Folic acid out the wah-zoo
3 meals a day
regular dr visits
proper pre-natal care
avoiding bone cement vapors in the OR
I’d like to think I’ve redeemed myself a bit.


Enna says:

“avoiding bone cement vapors in the OR”
I can honestly say I do not want to know what this means…

Nina says:

It’s how Total Joint Replacements are held in place. The vapors from the bone cement have been proven to cause birth defects. No, they don’t use rocks and fly ash. It’s kinda more along the lines of gorilla glue.

Hootie says:

It’s like Kryptonite to human lungs. We have similar things in the dental industry, along with grafting materials that are cadaver or bovine-based. I know, more than you really wanted to know….*sigh*

Nina says:

Oh, don\’t worry, we got those too. We just don\’t talk about it. People would never have surgery or dental work again. And we\’d be out of a job.

CityGirl says:

Strawberries? Really?

Well then, you should be drinking virgin strawberry daiquiris every night!

Nina says:

Well, not exactly. While I do have an on-again/off-again love affair going on with strawberry daiquiris, real strawberries=folic acid while hooch in daiquiris=decrease in folic acid. And as I’m typing this, I just saw you said ‘virgin’. I don’t know if the mix has folic acid or not. That does sound good, though!

Kristin says:

It can be so hard to follow all the rules, can’t it?

BTW, Gabe was absolutely fine. No concussion at all. Luckily, despite the fact my paramedic certification lapsed, the skills and knowledge remain.

May says:

I think pizza counts as good. I mean, it’s full of nourishing carbohydrate, protein, calcium and lycopenes, isn’t it? Never mind the eight-squazillion calories.

You’re doing wonderfully.

Nina says:

You know, maybe I could eat pizza with a diet Dr Pepper, you know, to balance out the whole calorie intake thing…..

oh … i am SO OCD. thats probably why i shouldn’t procreate.

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