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{June 17, 2009}   Wacky Wednesday

Today was the weirdest day. First, they had me working in the holding room, instead of in the back where I belong. Which is ok, but, it’s just not my regular niche, ya know? Also, I must have had a sign on my back that said: I love to work with annoying freaks!! My employers are good readers, because they indulged me. I had one that couldn’t do anything but get in my way and make a mess, then I had one who wouldn’t listen to a word coming out of my mouth, kept talking over me, talking to herself about how she’d been doing this 40 years, and wouldn’t do what she was asked. Then, when I got home, my husband offered to go get me McDonald’s with no strings attached. I was tempted to ask what he’d done with my real husband, but decided instead to just enjoy my good fortune, and not do an equine dental exam. So, I snuggled him to sleep, and (not what you think, just curled up with him until he got to sleep. He has to go to work at 3am this morning.) Now, I’m in here telling you all about my weird day. Oh, and I officially have a bump!! Today someone came up and touched my belly! I’m ok with that, I guess. It’s certainly not an area anyone would touch should I not be knocked up, but I suppose now that it protrudes itself on others’ notice, I don’t have much choice, or really, much to say on the matter. Other than ‘I officially have a bump!!’

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