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{June 20, 2009}   What a long strange week it’s been

Ok, we had Weirdo Wednesday, right? Yeah, well Thursday, I think I got hit on twice. Of course, I’m an idiot, and didn’t realize they were hitting on me till like 10 minutes after they walked away, so I answered in my typical smartass manner, not in an offended one. Great. And another thing. Why are they hitting on a fat, married, pregnant chick? Ok, well, not fat, but getting there. I’m a bit confused. I’ve decided that if it happens again, I’ll show ’em my u/s pics. Hopefully, that will put them in their place. Ugh. Flattering, but just…ugh. I’m soo not, you know, the office drama type.

Friday was ok. It was just long, and tiring. Oh, and I’m totally in love with the Twilight series. Will be reading this soon.


rosesdaughter says:

I keep getting hit on too! What is going on ? Are men just attracted to fat pregnant chicks? I’ve tried flashing my wedding rings and everything!

Jo says:

Twilight is my FAVORITE. BOOK. EVER.

I’ve read the whole series at least three times. . .it just keeps amazing me over and over.

Go to Stephanie Meyer’s website, and you can read a rough draft of her manuscript from Edward’s point of view.


🙂 Jo

Flattery at it’s best LOL

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