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{June 22, 2009}   He’s called me twice this morning.

And I had to sign into my blog this morning. I bet he found my last entry. And he knows I’m pissed like fuck. Serves him right! Hah! Jackass. Yes, I let the sun go down on my wrath, or whatever it is the old people say who’re just too old and tired to fight about it. Hah! I swear, if he gets this car fixed, I’m gonna make him sell it. I’ll make him get a new car with a warranty that he can’t touch anything on it or it voids it. Dammit. It’ll be another payment, but damn, I’m tired of him breaking things that don’t need fixing! I’d almost rather make a car payment!

CityGirl says:

But if he doesn’t break things that don’t need fixing, what will he do with all his spare time?

Oh, that’s right: He’ll be changing diapers!

Nina says:

Yeah! I doubt it, though. Seriously.

Lorza says:

humm…I let the sun go down on my wrath sometimes…..sometimes it is not a bad thing- I personally don’t think. I am sorry you are going through this. MEN!!!

Nina says:

Meeeeeh, boys are stupid. With one exception. I’m going to be saying that till he hits puberty, aren’t I.

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