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{June 22, 2009}   I’m surrounded…

by pen.ises! I’ve put up pics, but I’m afraid it constitutes child p.o.r.n. Yep, we’re having a boy! I’m still holding out that boys are stupid, though. Just not this one. This one will sport the Einstein ‘Do, and know the square root of pi by the time he’s 5! (This is my plan, anyway. We’ll see if it actually comes to fruition.) We got a money shot at my 14-WEEK u/s today! My husband got so excited, he actually cried. (Shhhh….don’t tell anyone!) He’s excited that it’s a boy, me, I’m just excited there’s something to be excited about!

Oh, and about the car. It’ll be fixed Saturday-ish. So I’ll only have to go without sleep for a week. Just a week. I’m still a little pissed. But only a little.


rosesdaughter says:

A BOY!!!! Welcome to team blue!!!!!!!!!!

Ericka says:

congrats on the boy!! i am also surrounded by the same male anatomy – or will be within the week! GL on your new journey!!


Enna says:


geohde says:

Ah, I know nothing about the baby avec wee-wee variety other than that one needs to be careful at diaper change unless you LIKE a mouthfull of urine.

That was almost SPECIALISED p.orn 🙂


Nina says:

I knew it! I knew it. Thank God the internet is anonymous, or there’d be DHS agents here threatening me with seizure upon delivery, like one of the prisoners. And I’m deathly afraid of wee-wees in the miniature.

Nina says:

Oh, yes, everyone, I would like it noted that, no I’ve not changed genders. My YCU is the one writing in the bold print and all puffed up.

That’s an in utero “turtle” if I ever saw one. I’ve seen two so I am qualified!

Kristin says:

This picture pretty much matches the one that prompted my OB to say, “Either you are having a boy or she’s got the world’s largest clitoris.” I almost fell off the u/s table laughing.

Nina says:

I just told them he was “just like his daddy. Proud.”

aww congratulations!

becomingwhole says:

Yay…this must make it seem a little more real, as if the vesuvi twins (or whatever you call them) didn’t do that already. So glad things are going well and everything looks healthy.

Lorza says:

awwww. too cute! love it. Congrats!!

Nina says:

You know, maybe I should clarify my girls’ new moniker. See, they started out as Mt. Fujis (Japan)(Fuji in the plural). They have now grown to truly approximate the size of Mt. Vesuvius, (Italy, I think) each. So, I thought that Mt. Vesuvii was more grammatically(?) correct than ‘Vesuviuses’.

Erin W. says:

Aww, congrats on the boy!!
Love the new moniker…and the clarification…lol 😀

Tkeys says:

Congrats!! Great money shot. *ICLW*

Congrats! At first after our Level II that revealed the sexes, I was disappointed not to have photos of the boy and girl parts, but then I decided I was fine with it because I don’t plan on any other photos of my kids’ bits after they are born, so I can live without them now.

Thanks for the ICLW comment.

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