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Oh, dear God. Please don’t let my husband get fired. Please, please, please. He got a ticket this week in his work truck, and then he bumped a dumpster in a parking lot where he was delivering. Didn’t damage anything, just had to get someone to air up the tire, but they’re looking for anything, right now. I can’t work enough to pay for our lifestyle. I just can’t. We’re about to have a baby, we’ve got bills to pay that we’re behind on some of them because the stupid worker’s comp people didn’t pay him on time, the car’s broken down, and now this. Oh, God. Please. I’m praying, cause that’s all I can do. This has just been a horrible week. This is what I’ve always told my husband was gonna happen because he won’t bother anyone (like to move their car so he can get to where he needs to get to) and doesn’t think ahead and tell the people that are angry with him for delivering late that the company is enforcing the time limits on their driving for safety, so they’ll have to take it up with them. Please don’t let him get fired. Please!

UPDATE: Well, he’s been suspended till Monday. Hopefully, this means they won’t fire him, just put him on probation or something. Keep praying, please! I’ll keep up my end at home. I think I’m going to church in the morning.

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