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{June 29, 2009}   Do you really have to ask that?

Also entitled: Are you really wondering why I’m mad?

Today, I came home to my husband who’s possibly out of a job getting a tattoo. In my dining room. Now, the guy was apparently a tattoo artist and was using professional, sterile equipment. But in my dining room? Ewwwww!!!!! He buys a piece of shit money pit, he gets a new tattoo, he’s possibly out of a job, what the hell’s next? I don’t need this right now. What the hell’s wrong with him? He seems to be under the misguided delusion that this is still all about him, and so he has to do something stupid and childish and selfish, or he’ll just explode! Guess what?!! It’s not! Your wants are no longer a priority. I’ve heard tell that this is really normal for a soon-to-be-daddy, but dammit, I don’t have time for this to be normal!!! I need to see responsible decisions!! I just….I don’t know. I was a little emotional this afternoon, because I just can’t take any more stress. Aaaaaand all of this came out. Loudly. Tearfully. Did I mention loudly, cause I’d like to think maybe the people in Smyrna might have missed it, but I’m thinking not. It started out with me just sniffling in the living room, hollering into the dining room about how long was this gonna take. So he came in there (mid-tattoo, so that makes him husband-of-the-year, in the parallel universe that is his mind) ostensibly to check on me, and asked me what’s wrong. Hence the title of this post. I had to ask. So, I then went into all the information related above, and how cars like this are for when you’re retired and have no responsibilities and in possession of a lot of disposable income, of which we are none. Right now, we need dependable, a/c, and carseat hook-ups. I then went into the “you’re possibly about to lose your job, and the first thing you think of to do is get a tattoo? What the hell’s wrong with you!!!! We are not trashy bikers, or 21-year-olds with more money than sense. We are not children!!!!” To which he responded “Fine, I’ll sell it. I’ll never have anything I want ever again.” I couldn’t help myself. I hollered after him “What are you, 12?!!!? I got the glare, then he stomped back off to the dining room to continue being just, you know, the best husband ever. If I were a biker chick wearing sterling silver, leather, low rise blue jeans, thong hanging out, aaaaand pregnant, I’d probably be ecstatic about now. But, only being 1 out of 5, yeah, not so much. Oh, yeah, and tits bouncing in a tube top. Can’t forget that. Yeah. NOOOOOOTTTT!!! I know. I’m a graphic writer. Anyway, he sulked for awhile, went out and drove his newly fixed car, and came back over himself. I hope this shoe sticks up his ass, cause, soon, I’ll be off balance and won’t be able to shove it up there as hard. I’ll have to acquire a dowel rod.


CityGirl says:

Don’t spend much-needed cash on a dowel rod. The handle of a broom or mop will work just as well.

Oh boy, the “New Daddy mid-life crisis” stage! Wish I had advice for you but my ex did whatever the hell he wanted. Felt like if he didn’t do all the shit he wanted before the baby came he’d never get anything he wanted ever again. *rolls eyes*

Nina says:

I swear. If it doesn’t stop soon, I’ll have ex stories too. The last time I checked, he wanted this too. Someone lied to him, whoever it was that told him he could back out anytime. IT’S A LITTLE TOO LATE, THERE, BUB!!!

rosesdaughter says:

Good Lord! Men have the minds of children. “New Daddy Mid life crisis”? I wish C-Dub would. My foot would be so far up his a**……..But anyway. Iagree with City Girl, Don’t waste the money. Something at home will do just as well…..

g says:

Oh deary me. I hope things settle down, soon,


Nina says:

Well, I think I’ve shoved the boot far enough up that he’s coughing up shoestrings. I just have to hope they continue to tickle his nose and remind him to quit the dumb shit.

TheMrs says:

Men are stupid stupid creatures!!
Somehow someway, he’ll eventually get it! =)

Kristin says:

Ugh…hope he wakes up soon!

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