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{July 3, 2009}   Did nothing today.

Did laundry, and crocheted, and ate. Watched some tv. That’s it. Will probably do more nothing tomorrow.

battycatlady says:

Ate, watched “Pride and Prejudice”, went for a walk, worked out, and practiced my clarinet. I guess I did a TEENY bit more than you, but not much. Ah, nothing days. Nothing days are beautiful.

Nina says:

I’m so glad to see you. Dad’s been hounding me about you not calling him. I said “She’s on vacation.” He argued with me that that was last week. *sigh* Whatever.

battycatlady says:

Yeah, that’s getting really irritating. Sorry he’s dragging you into it now. If he’s going to bother someone about me not calling as much as he thinks I should, he should be bothering, ya know… ME. Ideally he would get over himself and stop keeping score and just call me when he wants to talk to me. But whatever. Blah. Our parents are getting old and cranky, lol.

rosesdaughter says:

I’m at my mother’s house. Yesterday, I ate breakfast, played with my cousin’s 7 month old, ate lunch, took a nap, ate dinner, went to bed earlier. If it wasn’t for the fact that we would be having company today, I would wash and repeat.

Kristin says:

That’s not nothing. 🙂

Lorza says:

ahhh. How wonderful! I hopeyou had a great 4th!!

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