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{July 4, 2009}   Fireworks and sunburns

It was a nice, albeit hot, day. And guess who forgot to put on any sunscreen. Did you guess the only one with huge new Vesuvii and a new round bump? Yeah, you would be correct. And they’re shooting off fireworks and it’s almost 10:00PM. I realize that small children and YCU’s of all ages can’t help themselves when it comes to fireworks, but….(Wait, wait. When did I become such a stick in the mud? Oh, yes. When I got sunburned and knocked up.*sigh*) We went to my dad’s to-do today. He has a pool, so we got to watch my nephew splash and kick in the water. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. Bro was holding him in “Super-Baby” position and the kid was trying to kick and paddle! At only 9 months old!! I knew he was a genius. He can’t be related to me for nothing.;) I even climbed up on the pool floatie without looking too much like a beached whale. And this was in a two-piece, mind you! Hah! I was bustin’ out a little bit, but, all in all, not an embarrassment. Dad’s new wife was irritated that I didn’t say hi immediately when I walked in the door. It wasn’t a slight on purpose, I was just hungry and needed to pee! People who get all offended about stuff like that are just weird. Especially after I chattered with her the whole time. I guess she got over herself, I don’t know. Dad wouldn’t let me say anything to her. I’d’ve apologized. I’m not real fond of the whole “new significant other” thing, but whatever. If I have to coddle her and tip-toe around her, well, I think you all can guess how long that’s gonna last. I got no problem telling my own dad he’s an idiot, does she honestly think I’ll hold back with her? Hmmph. After all, I did ask what had been going on with them lately. I could have ignored her completely and just talked to Dad, but I deigned to include her. I think after everything that has happened on the parental front the last couple of years, I’m conducting myself quite nicely. But I will throw a fit if need be. Stay tuned.


battycatlady says:

I think she’s just paranoid that we don’t like her. Actually, she seems to be paranoid about a lot of things. *sigh* I will say it again: where does Dad find these women? At least she’s far more normal than the last one.

I was irritated that Dad told you to give her a hug. Am I the only one who thinks that hugs should NOT be compulsory? I’ll hug people when I’m good and ready. If I’m not comfortable with offering a hug to someone, it ain’t happening. End of story. I mean seriously… she’s nice, but we barely know the woman. I’m glad Mom has the sense not to try and order me to hug the new hubby. As much as I like him, that’s definitely a lost cause.

becomingwhole says:

Um, yeah, hugging should never be compulsory (even/especially for kids–personal rant).

Sorry about the sunburn. And the step-girlfriend du jour.

Nina says:

You’d think she’d been around us enough to know that if we didn’t like her, we’d just tell her. We show up for Dad, not for her. She’s an accessory, sort of like the pool chairs and the volleyball net. I really don’t care if she’s there or not, and I could care less about her kids. I had more fun this time because they weren’t there. And as far as Mom’s new dumbass is concerned, I don’t think I need to go into how I feel about him and his moronic, no-insurance-having self always magically getting sick at every family outing, and blowing money they don’t have on his toys. I also don’t think he’s that smart. I’m still struggling with how a civil engineer can bust a water main at his own house. They’re the ones who go around with the spray cans marking where pipes are!! For a living!!! I really think the only reason she likes him is that he’s just not Dad. Dad’s smarter, makes more money, and took better care of her. I don’t get it.

battycatlady says:

Wow, Nina… feeling harsh today, are we? Personally, I’m starting to think that you are prejudiced against them simply because she’s not Mom and he’s not Dad. What are you hoping for here– if you play the ice queen long enough toward the new spouses, they’ll magically disappear and Mom and Dad will get back together and everything will go back to normal? I have news for you, that’s never going to happen. I was there, remember– they tried to “work things out” once already. I watched the meltdown with my own eyes. It was ugly. There will be no reconciliation, and if there is I will permanently lose any belief I ever had in our parents’ sanity. There are things you just can’t go back on. This is the way things are going to be now, and we will have to make the best of it. Our parents deserve happiness with WHOMEVER they choose. It is not our place to criticize their choice. Or maybe you’re trying to punish Mom and/or Dad for having the audacity to split up without consulting you? In which case, A.) having gone through a divorce in this family myself, I can assure you to the utmost that they have already suffered enough and then some. And B.) they are adults and so are we. We all have the right to live however we think is best, without asking for anyone else’s permission or blessing.

Anyway. Yeah, the spouses have their flaws, but so do Mom and Dad, believe it or not. No one’s perfect, remember? And let’s face it, if you go looking for a partner that late in the game you’re just not gonna get the pick of the litter. I think they did pretty well this time around. Much better, at least. Consider Homewrecker Man and Paranoid Psycho Blonde for a minute and THEN we’ll talk about the next generation. 🙂

Nina says:

Nah, this isn’t harsh. This is what I’ve come to so far. Harsh was when I told Dad that needing someone to cook and clean for him wasn’t love, that was co-dependency. It could get better I suppose, but I doubt it. Yes, our parents have the right to be happy with whomever they choose, I just wish (like you) that they wouldn’t force them on us. I think they hit 47ish and went nuts. They’re both in need of medication, and when they get it, they’re both gonna see just how dumb this really was. Can they take it back? Hell no. Will they want to? Probably. The spouses are alright, I guess, but I’m not gonna go out of my way to make them feel welcome when they’ve done nothing but either ignore us, or try to jump in the middle of everything. Thanks, but I’m not interested. Part of my problem as well, is I have questions that are never gonna get answered, that I can’t figure out the answers to on my own. Our parents turned into these people we don’t know, and it’s creepy. And these new spouses are proponents of that. So, no, I doubt if I’m ever gonna really like them. But I promise to tolerate them and behave myself. As long as they do. And dumbass better get his head out of it and take better care of Mom, or I won’t be able to hold it in for long.

Geohde says:

As somebody who naturally has all the pigment of things best known for living under rocks, WEAR SUNSCREEN 🙂



Nina says:

Are you sure you aren’t my long lost twin? We’re about the same height, blessed with profuse amounts of common sense, wear glasses, both admitted control freaks, and have the same skin composition. And can totally relate to each other’s sense of humor. I’m going with yes, you are.

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