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{July 20, 2009}   Oh, no, no, no.

Attention David Heyman, David Yates, and Steve Kloves. I haven’t been that disappointed in a movie in a long time. If that’s really the best you can do, please find other means of employment. I’m really disgusted. I believed all the hype, and was really excited to see this film, because the sixth book was probably my favorite up till that point. Everyone said “It was the best Potter film yet.” Bullshit. Buuuullllllllshit. It flowed terribly, jumping from one thing to the next with no explanation, very little dialogue, and no keeping with the plot in many instances. It looked as if all three of you picked up the book, flipped through, read 3-4 chapters apiece, and said “Ok, yeah, we’ve got enough to make a movie. No need to get the facts, or really follow the storyline”. People who are huge fans of Star Wars will probably love it, because the special effects were good. I can under stand leaving some parts out, because if you didn’t, the movie would be six hours long. And we just couldn’t have an Oscar winning film length *coughGoneWithTheWindcough* now, could we? That would just be too much trouble. You’d have to have actually read the book and made an effort to bring the actual story, written by J.K. Rowling and not some (apparently) illiterate moron, to life. I feel I wasted my $10 I paid for my ticket, and am now planning to watch the next 2 films when they come out on HBO. I refuse to pad your pockets with any more of my money if you refuse to make any better films than that.

And another thing. Speaking of boys and their constant need for correction in the brainiac department. My husband went out Friday evening, with every promise he’d be back in an hour or two. With his friends. That should have been my 1st clue. I’m awakened at approximately 3am to loud banging in my kitchen. My highly inebriated husband was trying to put his leftover Taco Bell burrito in the refrigerator, and failing miserably, as he looked as if his eyes were crossing. I immediately rectified the situation and shuttled him to bed. Loudly. As in “Where the hell have you been? And just why aren’t you in the bed where you belong?” I swear, they really are like children. I’m gonna have to ground him soon, and take away his car keys. Due to the excessive amounts of libation he’d partaken of, he was quite amorous, but, not to worry, I finally got him to sleep. (No!! Not like that!!) And this isn’t even the stupidest part. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one of his group in this condition, as I found out the next morning. I’d taken my shower, and was sitting in my living room in my bathrobe (thank goodness) when all of a sudden, I hear something scrambling around in my guest bedroom and walking into my kitchen. Remember the guy that has a habit of just walking in if he finds the door unlocked? Yeah, well, he had apparently followed my husband through the door the night before, unbeknownst to my drunken husband, and proceeded to crash in my guest bedroom. And now, here he was SCARING THE HELL OUT OF ME!! What if I’d been doing my usual streaking through the house in search of clothes routine? I had to take the YCU to task for that one too. If people cannot handle their liquor, and must stay the night, it is customary to inform the hostess so as to avoid potentially embarrassing situations!!!!! Bunch o’ morons. I swear, I’m gonna break him. If I have to hobble him with a rope like a gott-damn horse, I’m gonna break him.

Kristin says:

I gotta disagree with you on the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only thing I wish they had left out was the destruction of the Burrows. If they had left that out, they could have included Dumbledore’s funeral.

As for the male situation, it sounds like hobbles would be a good solution.

Nina says:

A lot of people at work liked it too. I’m just a purist, I guess. I found there to be too little humor, too little true plot, and too many special effects. The kiss didn’t happen that way, yes, agreed about the Burrow situation, and I wish the “will and won’t” scene with the Dursley’s could have been included. Dumbledore’s funeral should also have been filmed. Probably they’ll keep a lot of that stuff for the DVD release and unseen footage for the HP weekends.

rosesdaughter says:

I’m going to see harry Potter tommorrow! I’ll let you know what I think!
And really, ground him, tie him up, take away his keys, deny him everything he wants………

battycatlady says:

Ohhhh, YCU. What are we going to do about you. Grounding sounds like a pretty good idea, or perhaps a muzzle. As for the friend, flashing him might just work wonders, you never know.

becomingwhole says:

I am so curious about the HP movie, but not sure when I’ll see it. I don’t mind going by myself IN GENERAL to the movies, but I don’t want to go to that one by myself, and there is no one around who is a HP freak like me, so I will wait, and wait.

And wait.

Fuckin’ YCU.

Nina says:

The thing is, he’s really a good guy. He works hard, he’s usually sweet and caring, and takes care of me. He’s just not good with the civilized, house-broken stuff, which I blame entirely on his mother.

Jules says:

I can’t claim I haven’t pulled some dumb nights but hubby definitely has had beyond his share. Usually amusing to me but yeah, not cool about the guy wandering into your guest room. I would have not been a happy camper w/ no prior warning.

CityGirl says:

Oh, don’t get me STARTED on Harry Potter and These Strange New Feelings.

HOLY SHIT. Where did ANY of this come from? And why did they change perfectly logical details of the book so that they made NO sense whatsoever?
Hello? Harry was completely immobile and invisible while Draco was pissing in his pants – not HIDING. And WHERE in the book does the Burrow burn to the ground? That took up a good ten minutes that COULD have been spent actually EXPLAINING who Greyback was. And how about taking ten seconds to explain what a bezoar is is what it does? I can see cutting out Fleur (Phlegm) a

I. AM. SOoooooooo. PISSED.

CityGirl says:

LOL. Okay, adorable baby kitten on the keyboard.

Anyhoodle. Yeah. I hear ya, Sister.

Flutterby918 says:

Thanks for stopping by my blog. While I can’t sympathize with your Harry Potter angst, I can with the H deal. Mine hasn’t come home like that in a long long time, but in the household “training” dept he sometimes could use some work – I blame this on his mother too!

Yup, men can really be like children! I was mixed about the latest HP film. I absolutely relished the books – and the movie, while hard to follow, was overall fairly entertaining. We had initially gone to see Bruno (hubbie’s choice, of course). Well, we left after ten minutes, got a refund, and actually went to a different movie theatre entirely to catch Harry Potter. So after Bruno — total breath of fresh air for us!

Nina says:

I imagine anything would be an improvement on that. I was forced to watch Borat in my own home, and found it to be the rudest, most childishly disgusting exhibit of idiocy I’d ever seen. The same guy is in this one, and it looks like (from the previews) the same theme. Ugh.

Thanks for the response! (Try again 🙂

liddy says:

I haven’t seen Potter yet. Not sure if I will.

I tried to see 500 Days of Summer last night, but the movie theater oversold tickets and when we got there (tickets in had) we were told that it was oversold.

Stopping by for an ICLW visit…
No. 95: The Unfair Struggle (male-factor infertility, good friends, neighborhood rumblings)

greaternow says:

I’m a bit of a purist and still like the special effects. I saw some previews and thought it was just the previews that were difficult to follow. I’m hoping for something better when I finally see the dvd.

I love your blog. You do have an interesting life. Compared to mine you are really amazing.

Nina says:

Thank you. I just feel frustrated most of the time, but according to you and others it’s either interesting or funny! Dumb stuff just happens to me. I’m a shit magnet, what can I say?

greaternow says:

My daughter tells me I have bad Karma. My cell phones will mysteriously stop working or lately the screens black out. You know same old stuff, when 1 thing goes wrong so does another.
Keep smiling and being yourself.

Thanks for stopping by my hobbit hole. I didn’t enjoy this HP movie as much as the others. I think too much was just left out, and that bit at the Burrow just irked me. And as for your guy… sounds like he needs a good grounding! Good Luck!


^WiseGuy^ says:

The blogosphere is openly split on their opinions about HP6….and yes Men are kids!


Happy ICLW!

I haven’t seen the movie, yet. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it but they all have the same theme: “the funeral was left out”. That’s a shame becuase it was SUCH good part of the book.

I say you knock your hubby and friends over the head with a frying pan ;o)

Nina says:

Oh, I can do better than that. Ball bat. Definitely a ball bat.

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