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{July 25, 2009}   He got a job! He got a Job! HE GOT A JOB!!!

He started today. In case you didn’t get it, he got a job. It’s not as much money as before, I don’t think, but some is better than none. And it’ll tide us over till he finds something else. Or he may decide he likes it, who knows. I’m just happy not to have to work so much. It was killing me. And dammit, it was really putting a cramp in my bloggy style. I’m usually much more social than this. You all know that. I was just so damn tired when I got home. Thanks, everyone for thinking of me and being so encouraging. I’m really proud of him. He really is a good guy and a hard worker, and he just doesn’t deserve most of what happens to him. I know I complain a lot here, but it’s mostly me venting frustration at the little things. He really treats me well, and surprisingly, knows just how to handle me and my mood swings most of the time.

In other news, you know how normal women are constipated during pregnancy? Yeah, well, I’m still waiting for that to happen. In fact, I’d kinda like it to happen. A little. You know. Allll these bathroom breaks are getting ridiculous. Nothing else is normal about me, why should this be? I felt him move consistently this week! That’s been fun. Oh, and I think you’ll all be proud of me, I consented to going to the Babies R Expensive this week, and we registered! That was also fun. I was surprised I was so comfortable doing that yet, but it felt kind of liberating. I’ve been so scared for so long that taking a step and beginning to plan and feel hopeful felt nice for a change. And it got my mind off of all the other things going on.

So, this week, I was in Urology. Strange, cause I’m usually in General/Vascular surgery, or Spines. Not my niche, but a nice change. I had this patient who was 62, but looked about 80. Bless her, she must have lived a hard life. She looked like she had prison tattoos. She was cute, though, and had a lot of personality. Sassy. Coming from me, that’s saying something, I think. I asked her if she could move, and I meant onto the OR table, but I don’t think she understood me cause when I asked her to move she said “Move? You mean sexually, or what?” We all burst into laughter, and I then had to try to explain that no, we just wanted her to scootchie over to the other bed. “Oh. Alright.” The things people will say and do under the influence of 6-8 syringe margaritas never cease to amaze me.

Oh, yeah, and my MIL has finally done it. She has pissed me off with her level of interference and inappropriateness that I’ve finally decided that my child will never be in her presence without supervision. And even that will be as infrequent as I can make it. She kept something HUGE and life-altering from my husband, and if you can do that to your own son, I got nothing for ya. She didn’t even deign to explain the situation and try to give him some peace of mind about something he’s been worried sick about for the last, oh, 8 months, at least. How dare she. HOW dare she? Needless to say, I was livid. So, I mean, you know, what if my child was at her house and something happened, you know, injury or whatever, and she just “accidentally” forgot to tell me? I don’t think so. I can’t trust her as far as an elephant can dance the two-step, so she’s deluded if she thinks I’m trusting her with my child.

becomingwhole says:

Yay for jobs and husbands who get their butts into gear. I mean, I wouldn’t really know, so you just enjoy yours. 😉

Boo on MILs in general. One of the best things about divorce is losing the MIL.

Nina says:

Well, it’s not worth a divorce. For me. I just plan to never see her again. No problem, as she only comes by when she wants something, and I don’t need anything from her. The husband is really great, I just get irritated with some of the little things. Now, the MIL was huge. But most of the little things are funny later.

rosesdaughter says:

Glad hubby got a JOB!!!! That’s great!! And as for Babies R Expresive…..yes, I took the plunge today too. I don’t know if I feel liberated, but damnit, it was fun!

Kristin says:

Wooohoooo for the job. Boooo for the idiot MIL.

Constipation doesn’t change the frequency of bathroom breaks — you still have to pee.

Trust me. 😦

Julie says:

Ditto to babysmiling (that part was no fun)

My MIL isn’t that bad but definitely chaned once we had kids and not for good.

BB says:

Yay… congratulations on your DH’s new job!

Lorza says:

I can’t believe I didn’t comment- I forget to sometimes reading from Google reader! Yeah for the job!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

Val says:

Congrats on the husband-J*O*B, that’s great news!
Physically my [successful] pregnancy was a stroll in the park; I was able to work until 39 wks (I could have worked until my water broke, but I scheduled a small slice of time off to do a few things like oh, I dunno, SET UP A NURSERY etc.) – good on you for being so well-organized ahead of time!

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