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{July 27, 2009}   So much to do…

So little time. I swept and mopped, loaded the dishwasher and finished the laundry. I still need to vacuum and generally straighten up. There’s garbage that needs taking out, but the YCU is responsible for that. I’m tired of clutter and general junk laying everywhere, but I don’t have places to put everything. Which is asinine, because it’s not like I don’t have a full basement that is half empty. Is this the nesting syndrome taking effect? I’m really restraining myself from calling my aunt and mother to come help me clean up and make this house munchkin-ready. Which is also asinine, because I have approximately 21 weeks to go. Like we won’t completely funk up this house again by then. We’re only saved from slobbiness by the fact that I go around every so often and collect the socks, shoes, yarn, clothes, papers and packaging that litters our life here. I can’t wait for the little one to get big enough to help. Hell yeah! I can make him help, I haven’t figured out the magic words to get the YCU to get off his butt and help yet. Well, I must depart, as I’m holding a demonstration for domestic engineering this afternoon. Contact me for course schedules. (No one’s signed up yet. Possibly, my domestic engineer needs firing.)


Jules says:

Not sure why but I wanted our house completely clean / dusted / everything before the peanuts showed up. – was ready to kill hubby as he decided to completely overhaul the laundry room during the later part of my pregnancy (Lucky hubby – got it finished a week before they showed up)

Kristin says:

If you really feel the burning need to clean, I volunteer my house.

Nina says:

Don’t you got 3 boys with 6 arms and legs between them? One can vacuum, one can dust, the other one can do the hard stuff like loading the dishwasher and help with laundry. I thought that was the best reason to have kids? When you got multiples, you can start your own cleaning service! I’m kidding, of course!

Lorza says:

um, maybe I am retarded, but what is a domnestic engineer? Good luck with the cleaning. I also volunteer my house. 🙂 My legs have been hurting too damn bad from boot camp lately to give a crap about a clean house. 🙂

Nina says:

Domestic Engineer=housewife/maid. Drink lots of water. Should help with the lactic acid build-up you’re experiencing!

rosesdaughter says:

I felt the same way this weekend! I wore myself out cleaning! I had been relying on C-Dub to clean up, but when the sunlight hit my kitchen floor, and the shower stall, I went banana’s and cleaned up like a crazy woman! I really want this house to be as clean as it was when we bought it when Baby-Dub comes. But those two days wore me out!

Nina says:

I’m now sipping water and admiring my freshly vacuumed ottoman. It’s one of those with the buttons on top and stuff gets caught in there. Blech! I feel better now that stuff’s straightened up and the laundry put away. Wanna come over for a party? We’ll call it Preggo’s ’09

g says:

I live in a perpetual game of catching up with domestic tasks. I never QUITE ever get there. 🙂


clio says:

clutter and things out of place drive me insane, especially if I’m nervous about something else, then it seems like the whole mess is crawling under my skin. 😉
thanks goodness my husband in pretty good about keeping his stuff where it’s supposed to be and he get pretty impatient with all the furballs from the cats during the weekend so he takes upon himself to vacuum. When he’s in a good mood doing that I feel lucky, if he isn’t I just wish he wouldn’t start.
thanks for visiting my blog. And you might be right that men usually equate attention with sex, but i guess my husband should have given up on being crabby because of the lack of it. He doesn’t get anywhere close to how much he’d like it, no matter if I’m home or not during the weekend.

dolcib says:

Great blog design! Very unique! Congrats on your pregnancy! Happy ICLW!

Lisa RM says:

Adding my house to the volunteer list, if you need it. 🙂

Nina says:

Cool! Anytime y’all want to come and participate in my domestic engineering seminar, just let me know. I’ll come participate in yours as well. I hold mine weekly, you?

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