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{July 28, 2009}   New Pictars!!!!!

Like my spelling?

Like my spelling?

Kristin says:

Absolutely beautiful!

Enna says:


Lorza says:

Oh how sweet!! That is awesome Nina!! I am so excited for you! Remind me again- are you going to get to do the 3D US?

Nina says:

I’m not sure, to be honest. Depends what my insurance pays for. I’m happy with these, just because I’m able to read them, and all, so if my MD recommends it, then I will. Otherwise, nah.

Erika says:

Congratulations! Hoping for a smooth pregnancy and a happy healthy baby for you!


CityGirl says:

SUCH a handsome boy! I visited my new 3-week-old nephew last week and thought of you. :o)

rosesdaughter says:

awwwww, look at the baby!!!!!

aw look at that!!! i’m so happy for you. and not too long ago when we first “met” you were thinking this would never happen!! =)

Nina says:

This is true. I had no faith. Sometimes I still think I must be dreaming. Wonder what I’ll feel like all doped up on narcotics, once it’s all over?

BB says:

Beautiful!!! You have an award waiting at my blog. Thanks for your support in my journey!

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