Ninapintasantamaria's Blog

{July 29, 2009}   You wanna know a secret?

I scare my husband’s friends. It has just been confirmed on his forum site. Funny!


Kristin says:

Bwahahahaha…Score 1 for Nina!

battycatlady says:

BAHAHAHA and this is actually news to you?

Lorza says:

LOL!!! Do you share that forum? 🙂 Love it!

rosesdaughter says:


Nina says:

Yeah, I share that forum. What’s funny is, the only thing I know about cars is where to put the gas and which pedal is which. So, I usually just stick to telling them when they’ve done something stupid or unhealthy or childish, or all three. It’s kinda fun though. It’s been educational to see the lows to which men will stoop to get some _____. You know.

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