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{August 4, 2009}   I can do you one better.

That’s what little OP said today, just before they put the u/s scanner on my belly. I actually have a picture of him examining his junk. Yep. Anyway, the perinatologist pronounced him perfect, so barring anything dire, I’m buying paint soon! Pics to follow!

rosesdaughter says:

LOL~ Checking out his junk?? LOL!

CityGirl says:

I’d paint the room pink just to fuck with that spouse of yours! LOL.

Nina says:

OOoooh! Tempting. Very tempting. Will save that for the next stupid thing he does!

Kristin says:

Glad you got good news.

g says:

Oh, little boys and their bits. I hear it continues to be a love affair for life 🙂


Nina says:

Well, he does have my husband’s DNA. I imagine it’s pretty much the same for all husbands/sons/brothers/dads. Anything with a Y chromosome seems to be obsessed with the outdoor plumbing.

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