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{August 4, 2009}   I complain a lot.

But, ya know, I really shouldn’t. There’s lots of women who are hoofing this path all by themselves. I’m not by myself, not even a little bit, and the YCU is really a good guy. He just wasn’t pre-housebroken, so I get frustrated and lose my patience sometimes. (Now, if I could just nail him down long enough to come up with a name…) We’ve been having fun this week feeling little Optimus Prime move. That’s his name for now. Yeah. I know. He threatened to decorate the nursery in Transformers or Spiderman, but I nixed that one in favor of helicopters and trains. The movement’s been very reassuring for Mommy, cause she really is losing her mind. Every single day, I have to restrain myself from tackling the anesthesia tech at work and forcing him to turn on the cardiac u/s machine they have in there. I’m doing better, though, now that he’s making me aware of his presence by practicing to become a gymnast. (Thank you, Sweet Pea.)

Lorza says:

UGH. I just had a long comment that was somehow deleted. DARN IT!!!!

Jist of it- Yeah for Amniotic Acrobatics.

Kristin says:

I’m so glad little OP is moving a lot and reassuring you. Good luck picking a name.

becomingwhole says:

Good luck on the name front. Good news is: if sweet pea hates it, he can always change it, or pick a nickname, or one will be foisted on him by his “buds” anyway. (Is that good news?)

Yay for in-utero acrobatics!

rosesdaughter says:

I know exactly how you feel. Even now that I can feel him almost regularly, I still have moments when I don’t, and I freak out, and have to restrain myself from going over to ultrasound…..

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