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{August 11, 2009}   I’m giving up.

I don’t know how to scan pics, and the YCU’s too tired in the evenings when he gets home to do more than eat, soak, and hit the sack. So, I’ll just have to show you the next pics, or just describe in vivid detail. I’m better at the latter anyway.
In other news, I’m bustin’ out. Again. I’m sooo disgusted. I just bought maternity bras, and they don’t carry in-store the size I need now. So I’m gonna have to take a chance that the ones I order will fit. I’ve looked online, and the least expensive ones I’ve found were over $45!!!! That’s a lot of money to blow on something I’m (hopefully) only gonna be wearing for a year, at most. These damn things are making me more and more uncomfortable, and I don’t have the money to “support” them anymore! Pun totally intended. Why do I have to be a freak of nature? Why do I have to be poor right when I need not to be? Yes, I know these are questions that have been asked since the dawn of time, but can’t there be an easily attainable solution? *sigh. Constructing fortified crane as we speak*

rosesdaughter says:

well, sorry you are “busting out”! But it’s OK! Hopefully they will just go away! I am too poor to buy new bras. So I suffer in silence with the smaller ones. It’s sad to have to wait until payday to “slurge” on a bra. 😦

Nina says:

Well, I’m suffering too, albeit not in silence. I’m rarely silent about anything. My Vesuvii are just too uncomfortable. No, actually, dammit, they hurt!!

becomingwhole says:

At one point I used to envy the more generously endowed of my sisters…no more. You have my sympathies. So sorry. I will never again lament my small-chested status.

Nina says:

The grass is NOT always greener, I promise. I’ve had people tell me the same thing, and after I tell them the trouble I have housing the damn things, they gain a whole new perspective.

Kristin says:

I feel your pain Nina. I have told my hubby that once I’m sure their aren’t going to be any more children that I’m having half of my boobage removed.

As for scanning the pics, if you can tell me what kind of scanner you have, I can probably talk you through the procedure.

Nina says:

Hmmm….Step into my office. It’s a lexmark, I think. The biggest problem is also where I’m supposed to store them. My husband has a photobucket account, I think, but I don’t know if I’ve got the password. I’ll get it done eventually.
I’m not up on surgery yet, unless I actually start to tip over. I’ve seen that surgery done. Icky. And the boobs don’t look normal afterward, either. All scarred up.

g says:

If it helps, they deflate again afterwards? Mine did, albeit to lower than they started! 🙂 g

Hootie says:

Maybe since most men regard them as architectural masterpieces some flying buttresses would work (you know, like on the gothic cathedrals?) You could be a modern day Notre Dame!

Nina says:

Hmm….Our Ladies of Divine Expansion. These lady humps definitely rival anything Quasi Modo had going on. I told my husband that this was God’s little joke on men. He makes them HUGE, then he makes them hurt. Anyone getting withing 6 inches of them right now might just get his hand bitten off.

CityGirl says:

Hey, now…the girls have served you well in the past, no?

Cut them some (figurative) slack!

Melissia says:

Actually, if you think of it you might just want to buy nursing bras now, that way you will get more wear out of them and it will be worth the investment, and you won’t feel as if you are wasting the money. You will also find that if you go to one of the bigger stores that specialize in breastfeeding supplies you will have a better selection and someone will be there to help you with a better fit.

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