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{August 15, 2009}   Whose bright idea was this?

Now that my husband has been working outside his field, he feels that he likes it better anyway. Great! I think to myself. Then he has this idea to start his own business, in a shitty economy, with the money he’s supposed to be getting from his workman’s comp injury. I just want to pay everything off possible and live that way for awhile, get some money in the bank, you know. This makes me worried. I plan to dig my heels in and “withhold” until I get my way. It’s not that I think he couldn’t do it. He’s very bright, and business minded. And he promises to continue working full time until the business takes off. Assuming he gets the job he’s being interviewed for. There seem to be a lot of assumptions here. And to top it all off, he tried to convince me by dangling the opportunity to stay home with the baby. I had to remind him that if he owned his own business, and I wasn’t working, we’d have to try to get independent insurance. Yeah, fat chance. He’s got pre-existing hypertension. We’ll never be able to afford it, and we certainly wouldn’t be able to afford anything good. Not to mention, if he has employees, a workman’s comp claim could ruin us. Also, just think of the headache of trying to pay taxes, deductions, partnerships…I could go on. I just think it would be waaaaay too much hassle. He says you can’t make money if you don’t take a risk. I think I’ve discussed before how I feel about risk. Especially now, when we’re gonna have to feed another one soon. Yes, I plan for him (still no name) to be on the tit for awhile, but what if that plan goes awry? See, like I said, assumptions. Hmmmm. Maybe just discussing all of this A LOT will at least slow down the pace of this Nina/YCU/our whole life heading down the toilet snowball. I suppose it’s not a bad thing to have a driven dreamer for a husband. I know this idea won’t fail because of lack of initiative. I just don’t have faith in the economy keeping us afloat. Anyone got some floaties? One of those pool noodles, maybe?

Oh, and the jumping bean is moving like 100 times per hour. I’m not tired of it yet. I’ve heard that I will be. But for now, it’s wonderful.


Kristin says:

I never, ever got tired of the movement.

And, good luck corralling the dreams until there is a more favorable business environment.

geohde says:

I’ll sum it up in one word ‘men’.

Funny ho wone chromosome different makes em so, well, male.


rosesdaughter says:

I looooooove when The Boy treats me to movement. I love that it’s so much more regular now. I kind of know when he is going to be sleeping, and when he should be awake!
As for the man dreams of having his own business: I have been dealing with this for a while now. I have found that it is easy to just listen and make sympathetic noises. C-Dub has been working on his “idea” for about 2 years now. He is just now at the “finding the money to do it” stage. I have made it clear that this money MUST be found somewhere other than our savings.

Nina says:

So have I. He thinks another loan is the way to go. Helllll no, I say. We’ll see what comes of it.

becomingwhole says:

I agree…MEN!

But yay for movement!

May says:

I assume you get tired of the movement when he starts wedging his feet under your ribs and SHOVING. My sister hated that bit, when she was pregnant. On the other hand, I am thinking you’ll be delighted and happy to be shoved in the spleen at the same time as thinking ‘for the love of…. STOP IT!’

As for the husbandly ambitions, eh, I assume this is his way of feeling fatherly and going out to hunt mammoths for his woman and cub. But I can totally see why, right now? Not good for Nina’s blood pressure. Men. Huh.

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