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{August 22, 2009}   It’s happened again, as usual.

As usual, I’ve let my emotions carry me away. In my previous post, I made some statements that while I feel are completely true, came out in a condescending manner. For that, I’m sorry. I’ve had overwhelming support(?)/agreement from most of the people who’ve commented, and I thank you all for that. I was just made angry by the story I read, and my mouth/brain got the better of my judgment. (How long can I blame that on placenta brain? I wonder…)


rosesdaughter says:

Pregnancy brain is REAL! Don’t apologize for speaking your mind though.

battycatlady says:

The first reaction is usually the correct one. (name that movie)

Nina says:

Hmmmm…Can’t for once. Tell me. Oh, by the way, are you ever going to post again?

battycatlady says:

Coming to America. YOU ARE LOSING YOUR EDGE, MISSY!! 🙂

And perhaps. I think I might be brewing one up now, actually.

Kristin says:

Once pregnancy brain stops, mommy brain begins. You have an excuse foreeeeever.

Ah.. no need to apologize. Your blog, your space, your words.

^WiseGuy^ says:

Okay, I do not where you read that story…but you are so point-on to have mentioned it.

Everybody talks of the joys of home-birthing and all, but really there is no blog that seriously says, hey, I did a home-birth and it is stupid.

Loved that line: If God wanted us to hurt, he wouldn’t have invented anesthesia.

If I am getting pregnant, it will be a lot of monitoring, doctors and hospitals…there is no other way.


^WiseGuy^ says:

…I do not know where….

kathi says:

That story made me furious and deeply saddened all at the same time. You spoke honestly from the heart and from your own professional experiences as a nurse. If your emotions can’t carry you away on a subject like that, where can they take you?

:: ICLW ::

Lorza says:

hey- it is your blog…do what you want to. It is your thoughts and feelings. If we don’t like it- we should click away from it.

becomingwhole says:

your blog, your call, your words, do what you like Nina-girl

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