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{August 25, 2009}   How ya feelin’ today?

Fat. Huge and fat. 22wks, 5days, fat. Which is stupid, cause not only did I do this to myself, I knew what I was in for ahead of time. I’m just still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m supposed to be excited about it. *sigh* Today, I had another OB appt. His FHR was 148bpm, and he was measuring (by abdomen) 22ish weeks. Which is perfect. On the doppler, Dr M. said it sounded like he was having a party. He was forming his own conga line, I think.

In other news, my cousin is having a girl. She’s only a month or so behind me. She’s the one who has PCOS and has been trying for like 5 years. I’m so excited for her! She’s been so discouraged, so I’m glad things are going well so far. My MIL keeps emailing asking for paperwork for my stepson. Oh, yeah, did I tell you? He’s living with her now. Which is better than where he was, but the way she went about it was the family felony I was telling you about. The poor kid has enough problems that he doesn’t need to be around my son anyway, but my MIL should never have gotten involved until we asked her. I’ve told my husband, and he says he agrees, that she’ll never have unsupervised time with Fletcher. He was angry at first, but he’s lived with her crazy, inappropriate bullshit so long, he doesn’t know any better. She manipulates, he falls for it, that’s the crux of their relationship. As best I can tell, he still hasn’t explained what the boundaries are to be. He can be so avoiding sometimes. I think he’s probably waiting till she does something stupid and then expects me to handle it, rather than being proactive and letting her know ahead of time what will and won’t be tolerated. If you see me on the news around Christmas, you’ll know what happened. Anyway, she keeps requesting his birth certificate, which we have a copy of, but we’ve moved a couple of times since then, so I’m not sure where it is. Why can’t she just go downtown to the Hall of Records and get it herself, like I did? She really can’t be so stupid as to think nothing’s wrong. Surely she doesn’t think she did the right thing and we’re the crazy ones, right? Oh, that life-altering information she withheld was the whereabouts of my stepson. We tried for 8-10 months to find him and get in touch with his mother and couldn’t find him. She (the MIL) knew where he was the whole time and kept it from us because, she said, the ex-bitch told her she’d run off with him and we’d never see him again if she told. Probably the reason EB told her this was that she was in contempt of court and knew that my husband had a say in the proceedings if he could be contacted. Yeah. It’s a hot mess. I know. I married myself into a Jerry Springer family. I’ve said before that my husband was the only one of his family to evolve past neanderthal. I’ve tried for so long to let my husband handle things and set boundaries, but this has got to stop. I won’t have my son involved in this. If I have to, I will. It’s coming down to that, I can see the writing on the wall. I just hope it’s not in the blue crayon they’ll give me at the loony bin.

Update: My head hurts. I really wish the barometric pressure would stop changing. My sinuses are screwed up enough without all that pain. I think tonight’s gonna be a benadryl kind of night. After I make fried chicken, cornbread, mashed taters, peas, and corn, that is. I didn’t thaw that chicken all day for nothing.

becomingwhole says:

I do understand Jerry Springer family.

So sorry.

Hope I don’t see you on the news…but I bet you’ll look cute with your pregnant belly and all…

Nina says:

Maybe…Bet I’ll get off due to hormones, what da ya think?

Kristin says:

Oh man, talk about a crazy making situation. {{{Hugs}}}

rosesdaughter says:

That’s crazy!

Nina says:

Believe me, I know. And my husband just tells me to hush whenever I bring it up. I can only hope it’s one of those “I can say it about my family, but you can’t” things. But, of course, you all know me. I’m gonna say it, and damn the consequences. After all, what can she do? Not call, not come around? Oh, damn the luck. Whatever are we to do. I’ll cry into my pillow every night.

Enna says:

Oh honey I am so sorry you are dealing with all this (especially while being pregnant!)

Lorza says:

ooo, I would love to come over and eat your food…YUMMMYY!!! LOL!! I am sorry about the Springer family. Blah. I have a lot of crap on my side of the family- my husband met him for the first time on our wedding day. Phew.

I am happy for your cousin!! YEAH!!!


I think everyone has a little Jerry Springer types in their family. And if they say they don’t, they’re LYING! I know I’ve got some in mine and my husband sure as shit has some in HIS! They are just “classier” about it.

I hope you can set some good boundaries for your MIL. It’s a rough road to travel.

Mmmm dinner sounds good! When ya making that again, I’m coming over! Feel better!

geohde says:

I rember thinking that I would be ok with my belly expanding, but my ass? It did it’s very best to balance things out. That was discouraging 🙂


Nina says:

I’ll let everyone know, and we’ll have a party. Chicken and cornbread. Can you get any more southern with the home cookin’?

Val says:

Sorry for your drama – but honey it shore do pain me when you call yourself “fat”… Damnit, you’re PREGNANT! Everything will balance out, no worries.

Jen says:

Wow! What a lot to deal with while being preggers. I hope that the boundary setting goes better than you anticipate.

Hmmmm…I think “fat” and “pregnant” are two very different things!


CityGirl says:

Sounds like somebody needs killin’.

Black-eyed peas, Earl?

Nina says:

Don’t think I haven’t had that thought. She’s crazy!

greaternow says:

I know from experience that fat and pregnant are 2 diff things. I know that pregnant is mostly baby and fat, where fat is fat.

I have some Jerry Springer stuff in my family and my in-laws so of course communication is hard.

Gotta go. Good luck and southern food is great!

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