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{August 1, 2009}   Well, poo.

I was really hoping my husband would be able to go with me to one of my u/s scans, but it’s not looking hopeful. I know we need the money, and I know he just started this job, and I know I’m perfectly capable of going by myself and showing him the pics and explaining later. I just sortof hoped he’d be able to go. It’s not a disaster, I just don’t want the people thinking I don’t have a supportive husband or that he’s self-absorbed or anything. (He is somewhat, just not about this!) I do, we’re just poor! Ok, well, not poor in the literal sense, but definitely po-folks! Like did the bills and down to ramen noodles and hot dogs. Not homeless yet. Anyway, I was telling the story to one of my doctor friends about the little self-soother I’m growing, and he laughed and said “Well, hon, he didn’t know there’d be papparazzi taking pictures!” I’m gonna be backstroking in testosterone in a matter of months. When we registered at the Babies are Expensive, I wanted to get all these sweet, cute little things, and my husband nixed almost all of them. I said “Ya know, I only get to keep him cute for a couple of years, then he’s gonna get all gross and boy on me. You think you could indulge me a little bit?”

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