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{September 1, 2009}   Question:

Why do my bladder and kidneys only want to work when I’m trying to sleep?
Why does my husband continually tromp around the house in his grass covered clothes and boots after I’ve just swept the floor?
Why have I developed a plantar’s wart on the bottom of my foot when I’m gaining weight and it hurts to walk on it?
Why does my podiatrist insist that I wait till after I deliver to take care of it?
Does he not know that I’ll be in stirrups soon (a lot) and that my nasty foot will be in a plethora of medical personnel’s faces?
Why do men think that putting a pot with a plate on it/lid on it/nothing on it in the fridge is an acceptable food storage method?
Why do men think a counter with drink circles, sticky stuff, and crumbs on it is considered clean?
(This is an old one) Why do men think that sex is the only reason we want to go to bed early?
And for the finale: Why does he get angry when I make the decision to go to Home Depot and look at paint samples without him, even though I’ve asked him to go no less than 5 times? It’s not like he hasn’t had opportunity.
Why do I always have to resort to threatening to do something myself before he gets off his ass to do it?

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