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{September 5, 2009}   How rude.

I’m taking call on Sunday. The nursing supervisor contacted me about 2 cases for in the morning. Now, one of the cases involves bone cement. Fumes are toxic to fetus, no? Yes. So when I told her that she would have to call the 2nd team’s nurse, she fires back “Well, why’d you take call if you can’t come in?” I told her I could come in for any other case, just not the ones involving cement. She said ok, and hung up on me. I just called her back, and explained, but wow. The department’s had multiple discussions about this, but I guess they didn’t inform the supervisors. I knew this would happen. This week there were a lot of call-in’s and scheduled vacations, so the coordinators were scrambling to cover call for the holiday weekend. It was getting close, and not enough volunteers, so they put everyone’s name in a hat and drew for call coverages. I took some of it so I wouldn’t be drawn, but somehow, I knew this would happen. I knew there’d be a case I couldn’t do, and it would cause a big bruhaha. I’ll probably hear about it when I get back on Tuesday, but what else could I do? When I called her back, I offered to come in, get the case ready, let the other nurse circulate while I got the next case ready. She deigned to acknowledge that this would be acceptable. Sorry she has a frustrating job, but ya know, don’t take it out on me, dammit.

In other news, YCU just called me and told me to go to the grocery store and pick up something to grill. I say what for? He tells me that he wants to have the Ex-Stepdad (who he’s not related to and supports a known felon) and the Common-Law Wife over for dinner, and another of his friends, who I actually like. I don’t want to have people over, I want my procrastinating ass husband to get off his ass and go buy paint and register at the Target with me!!! I don’t want to clean, I don’t want to be nice, and I don’t want to entertain people I don’t like and don’t want around! All he’s gonna do is drink all the beer, talk about things that make me uncomfortable (like the known felon) and allow his trashy wife to get stupid drunk. I don’t want to spend an evening doing anything with them, at all, ever. Annoying people are like strays. If you feed ’em, they’ll keep coming around.

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