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{September 6, 2009}   So I came home today…

after a long day at work, and the hubby had cleaned the house, made dinner, and invited a couple over. I’m all about entertaining with no effort expended on my part. He’s forgiven.

I worked all day today, ended up not having to do the cement case after all, but got hollered at twice by the same doctor. All because we had to prove that the call team wasn’t at his eternal disposal. He didn’t understand the concept of “First come, first serve.” I had to just turn him over to anesthesia and my boss, cause it’s not my job to break the rules. What a jackass. My boss encouraged me to write him up. So, I did. We’ll see what happens.


rosesdaughter says:

It never helps to write them up. They still keep hollaring and throwing instruments.

And good for Hubby for Cleaning AND making dinner!!!!! 🙂

Nina says:

Well, Joint Commission has mandated that all hospitals and medical facilities have a no tolerance policy for that type of behavior. Ours does, and we just so happen to have a new chief of staff/medical director who’s young, a surgeon, and has no patience for this stuff. Yes, it’ll likely keep happening, but there’s also a 3 strikes rule. You document enough times, and they are stripped of privileges, sent to anger management, and given a vacation. I’d hate to have to ground the children, but discipline shows love, right?;)

Kristin says:

Oooh, so which strike is this for the idiot doctor?

Glad hubby stepped up to the plate.

Nina says:

I’m not sure. I don’t know if they’ll count it as 2 occurances, or 1. We’ll see!

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